Hart Spring Meeting

Members of the WI-Flyers, attended Hart Group Spring meeting last night, and enjoyed an excellent talk by Dr. Richard Comont. Richard is one of 25 scientists studying the habitats, and populations of bees around the country.  Sadly, due to the loss of our wild meadows, Bumblebees are in decline, and some species have even become extinct in the last few years. The work of the bees in pollinating our fruit, vegetables and flowers is worth millions of pounds to us, the cost of humans replicating what they do would cost billions. Planting bee friendly flowers goes a small way to help.   Bumblebees particularly love clover.   Richard had some funny stories about these amazing creatures, including how to they make their own air-conditioning unit for their nest.

The raffle was drawn, and our own Helen won the prize that The WI-Flyers had contributed, which was seed for flowers that bees like.  The Bees of Farnborough are going to be very happy in Helen’s garden. This was The Heathuns last event for Hart Group, and after a very successful year they passed the Presidency on to Odiham.