A message from our new President

Dear WI Flyer members

Thank you (I think!) For voting me in as your new President. I’d like to say thank you to Claire for her Presidency over the past year.

Next I would like to make mention of Helen Shea who retired from the committee at the last meeting. Helen has been on the committee since the start of the WI Flyers and has worked

tirelessly over the last five years. I’d like to say personally thank you to Helen for all that time and enthusiasm. Her wonderful 1950’s outfits always put a smile on my face!

As a committee, we have had our first meeting where we discussed the rest of this year’s programme and made an outline programme for 2018, we hope to share this with you by October when we are encouraging you to join us for the next year.

We also discussed some changes in how we run the evening. We plan a trial run of serving tea, coffee and cake at the start of the evening so that we are not rushing at the end. We will ask the speaker to start just after 8 o’clock when we have had our notices (which I am hoping we can reduce the time of). This will give everyone time to have a quick chat with their friends and other members before we settle down for the evening. Of course, we can leave the hot water urn at the back of the hall if anyone would like a top up!

Hampshire WI celebrates its centenary next year 2018. County WI
has plans to celebrate as do the Hart Group of WI’s. We will keep
you posted as to what these events off and hope you are keen to join in.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Evening tea at our next meeting – I know everyone loves this evening and looks forward to it. Please remember to bring your handmade items for the tombola. Please can I ask everyone to bring the handbags to this meeting (you will find out why when you get there!)


Kind Regards


An update from our new President