Shortlisted Resolution No 1 – Positive body image in a digital age

This proposal urges every WI and the NFWI to campaign to ensure that government and the media industry promote healthy body images and ensure diversity is represented in the media.

The proposer is concerned about the number of manipulated body images portrayed in the media and wants to see action from the government and industry to promote a healthier body image, as well as ensuring diversity is represented in the media. She believes the WI is uniquely placed to add a strong voice to these discussions to influence government and the media industry. Adverts dominate our everyday life, we see them online, in magazines, TV, lm and on public transport; the proposer is concerned about the level of retouching these images receive and the effect this may have on individuals.

How could the WI work on this issue if it was passed?

A full campaign plan would be developed by the NFWI if the resolution is passed, taking into account developments since then. But to help inform your discussions, here are some ways the WI could consider working on this issue.

At local and regional levels, WIs could raise awareness of the issue in their local community and highlight what they think needs to change within the industry. WIs could also write to their local media calling for more equal representation. Federations could hold body confidence sessions and training on how to confront these issues with children, grandchildren and friends.

At a national level, the WI could add its voice to the Be Real campaign and put pressure on the industry and government to make more significant changes.

Arguments for the resolution

  • The call to action is clear and broad, meaning it would enable the NFWI to work on promoting healthier body images for men and women and greater diversity in the media.
  • The resolution is timely with the ongoing rise and interest in celebrity culture and social media. The WI could add a strong voice to these discussions.

Arguments against the resolution

  • Following the Advertising Standards Authorities announcement on toughening their rules on adverts, is there more the WI could add on this particular topic?

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