Shortlisted Resolutions 17/18

Every resolution passed throughout the WI’s 102-year history has stemmed from a concern put forward by members. This uniquely democratic model offers the opportunity for you to combine your voice with 220,000 others to make a real difference on important issues. This year, 68 resolutions were submitted. These were narrowed down to five by representatives from federations at a shortlisting meeting in London on 2 October.

The next step is for you to consider all five and select the one you would most like to go forward in our January Meeting for further discussion and final voting for decision to be made at the Annual Meeting in June 2018.

The shortlisted resolutions are:

  1. Positive body image in a digital age
  2. Stop female genital mutilation
  3. Raising awareness of modern slavery in the UK
  4. Mental health matters
  5. Healthier mouth, healthier body

Over the following weeks, we will post more information on each resolution to allow you to make a considered decision.