Presidents Post

Happy New to you all, it already feels like some time ago that we were all sitting round the Christmas dinner table (decorated beautifully of course!)

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas meal on Friday 19th at the Snow Goose – 7:30 pm. It should be a lovely evening.

Our next meeting is Resolutions followed by a try at Street Dancing. I’ve been practicing spinning on my head ha ha! It will be tailored for us and should be fun. Please come in comfortable clothing.

We will spend a few minutes discussing the 5 Resolutions if you get a chance please head over to and read up on them before the meeting.

January is the time to pay subs for the next year. £41 can be paid in cash / cheque (The WI Flyers (Farnborough) / or on line.

We will be putting out a sheet for helping with the Tea and coffee and Cakes rota at the next meeting. Please can we ask  you to sign up and help as the Committee members are always busy at the beginning of the meetings. Everyone likes a piece of cake with their tea (I think) so again please offer to donate a cake or cakes (homemade or bought).

We are still looking for a Treasurer from May – I cannot emphasise enough that the WI Flyers cannot run without this vital role.

See you all soon


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