Presidents Post

Good Afternoon everyone

Just a reminder that it is our Meeting on Wednesday. Unfortunately we have had a programme change (not to worry it has been re-scheduled for next year).
Our very own Eva is going to give us a talk on ‘plastics’. A very relevant topic I’m sure you will all agree.

Please don’t forget our table for food bank, donations for the women’s refuge and our latest table for any plants/ cakes/ vegetables or anything else you think we might be able to sell to help our bank account!

Well done to the Skittles group who took part in the Hart part of the Hampshire Skittles competition. Always good to take part. Next year it will the WI- Flyers turn to organise these events!

October 6th is the Centenary Meal where each of the Hart WI’s are providing a meal for each decade. Our decade is the 1980’s. How well do you remember what we ate then?
There are 4 tickets available still at a cost of £5 and we have to provide the meal. There will be soft drinks and wine and entertainment. If possible we are asked to dress for the occasion. Please let me know either by email 

or at the meeting on Wednesday.

Don’t forget – next Monday is Hart Autumn meeting in Hawley. Everyone welcome.

See you Wednesday



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