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Good Afternoon Ladies

I am going to insert the instructions on what to do and where to go when we go home to North Farnborough Infant School

North Farnborough Infant School instructions

Please click on the link to see this.

Gift, Christmas, Surprise, Packed

Also can I remind you that this year we are giving gifts to the ladies and gentleman that attend our local Day Centres. Suggested items are Chocolates, Biscuits, Sweets etc or Gloves, Scarves. There are more ladies than Gents.

Christmas Card, Christmas, Santa Claus

Also we are planning on sending Christmas cards as part of our alleviating loneliness campaign. Please can you bring a small pack of cards that we can put a sticker in (from the WI Flyers) and then put a signature from you.

Friday 18th January 2019 is when we will be having our Christmas /  New Year meal. This year again it will be at The Snow Goose in Cove as last year. Please see below for the menu choices. If you would like to join us we will be asking for a £10 deposit which can either be paid in cash / cheque or on-line.

Snow Goose Christmas Menu

Christmas Pudding Xmas Festive Holiday Swe

Looking forward to seeing you for our November Christmas Pudding evening on 28th November


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