Photography competition – sponsored by the Garden Gaggle

As a group to publicise our formation, we thought it would be fun to hold a competition within our members.

Categories to choose from:

  1. To produce and present a tryptic from a plant’s life: to enter you need to take 3 photos of any outdoor flowering plant to show how does it change during the year. i.e. cherry tree buds, cherry tree flowers, cherries. 
  2. To present tree photos of three different trees or shrubs (can be parkland or garden) to show how it changes during the year.
  3. To show three photos of edible plants (they can be home grown fruit or vegetable). 
  4. Garden tools – category – to present three pictures of various garden tools.
  5. Garden wild life – again 3 photos of either insects, birds, frogs, badgers etc. 

Photographers should choose to enter just one category.

Photos needs to be A5 size (half of A4). In colour or B&W, or Warhol style. Pictures will be judged on. 

– Subject exposure – three pictures should have something in common as detailed above 

– Composition (this includes colour, angle)

They will be judged by the members at September’s members meeting. Open to all WI Flyers.

Prizes to be decided            Closing date 25thSeptember   2019