Presidents Post – June 2020

Dear All

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the weather. How are you all doing? I know some of our members are still working and working in the NHS. Strange to think that life has not changed too much for them. I know we have all been out for the 8 o’clock clap but I would like to say an extra thank you. You know who you are. 

It was good to see so many of you at our Virtual Meeting last Wednesday. Our next meeting is on 24th June when we have Ben Fielding talking to us about Cyber security.

Penny and I are working hard on behalf of all the Hampshire WI’s by auditioning Speakers online. We have had our first two candidates audition and both passed the scrutineers of the Speaker selection Committee. This also means The WI-Flyers have an advantage as we get to see the speakers first! I think we are still probably some way off meeting again at North Farnborough but we can at least try and have our meetings from the comfort of our own homes and still manage to see each other.

Gardener, Garden, Spring, Girl

I understand that some of the Garden Gaggle Group have managed to catch up (following Government social distancing guidelines I’m sure), the sun shone for them and I hope they had a good catch up.

The Book Group have met over zoom over the lock down and again tonight I understand. I hope you are all enjoying the books that have been chosen. Maybe you have had more time to read them? I have downloaded tonight’s book under discussion but have not had time to read it!

I don’t know about anyone else but I have started growing vegetables this year. Runner beans are mixed in with the shrubs in the border, potato bags and a strawberry bag out in the front of the house. I bought a greenhouse ( only a plastic one) had a disaster and lost most of the seeds when the wind blew it over, started over and now have quite a crop. Olive enjoyed our first strawberry last week. I have had help from David Dunford to get going. He even supplied the manure for the runner beans (I didn’t ask where from!). Looking forward to some home grown produce later on in the year.

We hope to have another ‘Coffee Morning’ soon. Bring your own coffee / tea and cake. I have been baking lots of bread and cakes over the past few weeks. I scour the internet for suppliers of cake ingredients as I don’t seem to be able to add to my click and collect.! Large supplies arrive at the house (almost daily) as I carry on baking. Today’s fresh roll certainly were the best I have made. I am using Paul Hollywood’s basic bread recipe using cold water and oil.With seven of us in the house nothing stays in the tin for long!

Hope to see you soon on Zoom……

Would love to hear how you all are?

Kind regards


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