2020 Resolutions

Message from NFWI Public Affairs Team

Dear all,

I am writing to update you on the two resolutions that were due to be discussed at the NFWI Annual Meeting this year. As the Annual Meeting was cancelled, the two resolutions were not able to be debated or voted on by delegates.

The NFWI Board of Trustees has decided that in these exceptional circumstances, the results of the shortlist selection process will be used as a proxy for the Annual Meeting vote. 

The shortlisting selection results were:

2020 resolutionsSelections 
1A Call to increase potential stem cell donor registration38,280
2Female crash test dummies9,124
3End modern slavery35,395
4Time to talk about death and dying9,820
5Protect our precious helium11,705
Total selections received104,262

In the shortlisting selection stage the two resolutions (stem cells and modern slavery) attracted a clear majority of selections from members (over 70%).

The Board felt that this was the most democratic means available to determine the outcome of this year’s resolution process taking into account time and resource constraints and the challenges of the current lockdown period. The Board also wanted to recognise the huge amounts of time and effort that members, WIs and federations put into the resolutions process this year.

This means that the two resolutions have now been adopted by the WI, and members are free to campaign on these issues.

The resolutions are as follows:

A call to increase potential stem cell donor registration

There is an urgent need to increase the number of people registered on the aligned UK stem cell registry in order to provide potentially life-saving treatment to people of all ages with certain blood cancers. We call on all WI members to promote registration to the database to avoid people dying whilst waiting for a match.

End Modern Slavery

There are tens of thousands of victims of modern slavery hiding in plain sight in the UK.  Modern slavery has severe consequences for the health and mental wellbeing of survivors.  The NFWI calls on Government to protect victims of modern slavery in the first instance and deliver longer term support to help them rebuild their lives. We call on our members to raise awareness of the prevalence of modern slavery throughout society and to campaign to defeat it.

WIs will not need to consider how they wish to vote or to hold discussion events, but they are nevertheless encouraged to engage with and learn about the topics. 

We recognise that the discussions before the Annual Meeting and at the event itself offer members a valuable opportunity to engage with the issues and learn about the resolutions. 

The Public Affairs Department will be producing a range of educational and discussion materials over the coming weeks and months to allow members to consider the issues in more depth.

Given the ongoing restrictions on meetings and campaigning activity, the NFWI will not be producing campaigns materials to our usual timetable, but will instead first focus ways 

that members can learn more about the issues raised by the resolutions, with full campaign packs to follow later.

Resolutions 2020/21

You will all have seen the NFWI update about the 2021 Annual Meeting taking place in the Royal Albert Hall on 19th April. The Public Affairs Department is currently working out how this will impact the resolution process. This means the full resolution timetable will not be confirmed in time for the July mailing. The resolution submission stage, however, will take place as normal during the summer with the submission deadline Friday 11th September.

Please keep your eyes out for more information about the new NFWI campaigns in the coming months.

If you have any questions about the Annual Meeting resolution or the resolutions process please contact the NFWI Public Affairs Department

NB The delegates from 2020 will roll over to 2021 and I will let you know if we can roll over the observers when I have confirmation of ticket numbers




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