How we came about

The WI-Flyers was started by a group of friends who had met some years previously at their Children’s schools, where they were active members of the parents associations.  Now wanting to do something for themselves, they looked into joining a branch of The Women’s Institute.  However the local established WI’s had waiting lists, and met in the afternoons, and as the ladies worked, an evening WI was needed.

So there was only one solution…. Start our own!

After some informal meetings, including a meal at the Tilly Shilling, where everyone bought  friends who might be interested, we met  two WI advisors, Sharon Hurrell, and Sue Atrill, who got us on the road to forming our own WI.

At one of the early get togethers, we gathered ideas for a future programmes, and discussed names for our WI.

  • The WI in our name is a play on Women’s Institute, and WIFI,
  • the Flyers is a nod to the history of aviation in Farnborough.
  • (Farnborough) was added so that our location was available, should anyone be looking for a WI in the area.

The first official meeting of The WI-Flyers (Farnborough) was held on Wednesday 27th June 2012, 7.30pm, at North Farnborough Infant school. Seventeen members attended, eight visitors and two Federation representatives and advisors. The first speaker was Jean Johnson, who gave a very entertaining talk about her collection of shoes.