Presidents Post – August 2020

Dear All

I hope this email finds you all well and that you are starting to enjoy the ‘new normal’. 

Are you enjoying the heat? Not as much as you could be – sitting by a pool, under a sunshade and sipping something cool and refreshing! If that’s where you are if so enjoy!

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The WI-Flyers Committee met last night and again discussed plans for our future. It looks like for us 2020 will be the year of the Zoom! When we can all sit in the comfort of our own lounge / dining room/ bedroom or even in the garden to enjoy the speakers we have selected for you. 

Did you enjoy Debbie and her macaron demonstration? Did you make any macarons, and do you have any photos to share? We have booked our speakers up until November and here’s what you can expect:

Newspaper, News, Paper, Journal26 August at 7:30pm is Richard Murphy and his talk is entitled ‘and now to the good news……..’ I wonder what good news he can make out of this year.

With all the challenges of the Coronavirus going on, the news at the moment is relentlessly negative.   Taking a step back, I look at the many way’s life is now better than ever before.   A cheerful talk on a serious topic, the aim is to leave everyone feeling a bit more positive about the world. 

Wednesday 23 September at 7:30pm Susan Essex. Susan talks about 9 months in her life as a house mother at a charity school in India. 

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Wednesday 28 October at 7:30pm Sarah Slater, Sarah is going to talk about the Ghosts of Hampton Court. Quite appropriate for the time of year!

Jingle Bells, Song, Christmas CarolWednesday 25 November at 7:30 pm Jennifer Parker-Lummis.  Jennifer is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of music and Drama in Classical Voice, Jennifer has spent many years perfecting her vocal ability to be able to switch voices from Opera to Musical theatre effortlessly setting her apart from “the norm”. She sings wide variety of songs and we hope she will sing us some Christmas classics.

In September,  before our meeting ( 23rd) we will be emailing you all the reports that you would have had given to you at the Annual Meeting which was postponed due to Covid 19. We ask that you all read these so that we can spend a few minutes proposing / seconding and agreeing them at the September Zoom meeting. This then complies with the Charity Commission rules regarding Annual meetings.

Social Sewing Day

Last Saturday we had our Social Sewing Day when we made reusable sanitary towels for the new Mums in India. 20 ladies (including 2 from Wales) joined us in Hartley Wintney’s WI hut where we cut, sewed, ironed, ate and drank (coffee...

Presidents Post

Well, it seems the weather is on the turn, and we are now enjoying a more traditional English Summer ! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your summer holiday.  Just a few points from me: Our meeting...