September 2015 Meeting

Once the business of the meeting concluded, the members then enjoyed a “swing your partners” dance session. Fiona, our guest speaker from the Hartney Whitney WI, asked our members to form two lines and then handed out red bands to one side, and yellow to the other. One red was matched with a yellow and then each pair was given a number – either one or two. Straight forward? Yes, however, even though members were walked through the steps without music and all went well; with music remembering if you were pair one or two, no hands behind the back for a do si do(who would have known this!) lots of laughter and of course remembering to breathe was a different matter! Chairs were available if you wanted to sit out, but as everyone participated they were only put to use in the break for tea/coffee and cake.

The raffle was drawn and the music started up again. Now everyone understood what to do and at the end Fiona was encouraged to let the members have one more dance.

A great time was had by all.

Dance 1



Dance 2








Thanks extended to Amanda, Elaine and Claire for the teas, and cakes provided by Amanda, Jan and Elaine M; and Vikki’s decorating skills on the Champagne bottle.