January Presidents Post

Happy Healthy New Year to you All . Christmas feels a long time ago to me and here we are in our third lockdown.

It has been a very strange time or all of us and including our WI. In April we will be asking you to renew your membership with the WI-Flyers. As a Committee we hope you feel that even though we have not met physically we have kept you entertained with Speakers / Book Club / Garden Gaggle / Informal get together’s and that you have not missed out too much (apart from home-made cakes of course).

At our January Committee meeting Emma stepped down from being on the Committee. I would like to thank her for the years she has spent on the Committee (being a founding member) we will miss her! Other members were ready to leave the Committee but also agreed to stay on during the pandemic.

From May several members of the committee are also ready to stand down having done ‘their time’.  It was originally agreed that each Officer would only stand for 3 years and we have done those three years. So if we want the WI-Flyers to carry on – which I hope you do? We need some new Committee Members. At the moment we meet via Zoom once a month (and in normal times monthly).

Well, that’s the difficult bit out of the way ……..

Fear not – the WI has lots to offer you (even if it is virtually!)  The WI-Flyers / Hampshire WI / Denman at Home.

Coming up with the WI-Flyers:

Wednesday 27th January 2021 – 7:30pm

How to research your family tree – Natasha Brown

Wednesday 24th February 2021 7:30pm  – Paint along with The Quirky Bird 

Don’t forget your watercolours, paper and brushes to have an hour or so painting session Some of you may have seen Penny’s painting that she did with Lynn on WhatsApp? Well, you can have a go too.

Wednesday 24th March 7:30pm – The Life of a Dairy Farmer’s Wife

Jane Barnes will be talking to us about her life as a Dairy Farmer.

As I think I mentioned before – after last year’s enjoyable Bingo evening, we thought that we would try to replicate it (but this time virtually! )

Your bingo sheets will be delivered to your door by our Committee Members – or if you do not live in walking distance, they will be posted to you. Payment to the WI-Flyers Bank account for your games and winners will be paid via the bank account!

Of course, we cannot provide you with Fish and Chips but of course there is always ‘Just Eat’ deliveries!  

If you think you would like to join us and have an evening’s fun playing Bingo – please let me know by email:wiflyerspres@hampshirewi.org.uk by February 9th and pay your £10 to the Treasurer by 1st March.

Don’t forget that you can join in Hampshire’s virtual speakers too..                                 

And Denman at Home

Looking forward to seeing you next week

Kind regards

Rachel Neudegg

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