2017 Shortlisted Resolution No 2 – Plastic Soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans

Over 91,000 shortlist selections were received from members, and the top two resolutions will now go forward to the Annual Meeting in Liverpool in June.

All WIs get one vote for each resolution. This means we shouldn’t vote for one resolution over the other, but should vote for or against each one independently. If both resolutions are passed at the AM, the NFWI will campaign on both issues.

Our WI can also choose to give discretion to your delegate to decide how to vote after hearing the presentations and debate at the annual meeting.

Plastic Soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our ocean

Microplastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to microplastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of microplastic fibres in our oceans.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the attached file : Plastic-soup-Annual-Meeting-resolution-notes