Review of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

WI-Flyers Book Club – April 2019

It was time for another get-together of The WI-Flyers Book Club at The Prince of Wales on Thursday 4thApril, and this time our chosen book was The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastleby Stuart Turton.

Gosford Parkmeets Inception, by way of Agatha Christie ~

This was a very challenging book.  It a time-travelling, shape-shifting murder mystery with so many twists and turns that you definitely have to keep your wits about you while you’re reading it.  Ultimately, however, it’s a moral story about redemption and forgiveness, and the purity and optimism of the human soul.  

The story is set in the 1920s in a crumbling gothic mansion, and the events unfold over a period of seven days.  These seven days are, however, the same day relived again and again, and on the evening of every day Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered.  Our “hero” repeatedly tries to solve Evelyn’s murder before it happens, in the hope that he can prevent it and ultimately earn his release from the time trap he is caught in.  The trouble is that every morning he wakes up in the body of one of the other guests staying at the house.  And, as if this isn’t enough, a psychopathic footman is also trying to murder him!

This book was great fun; the intricately layered plot was very clever and the ending unexpected.  I’m not sure it all entirely made sense – but who cares?  If you want to work it all out, you’ll need to buy an entire sticky-note factory. Much more fun to just go along for the ride.