Gardening with Children

Time to plant ……

Time to plant potatoes: 

I have done it with my grandchildren for the past two summers. We get about a pound of potatoes from each plant.  Kids love visiting ‘their plants’, watering and harvesting in late summer/autumn (about 5 months).  These will need watering in dry summer. Plants are happy in the sun or at least partial shade.

These can be your dried-up supermarket spuds or you can buy ‘seed potatoes’ from garden suppliers. I have not found any difference in crop.  I have used well used shopping  ‘bags for life’ available from supermarkets. This recycles the bags and provides a perfect, mobile planting devise. Prior to planting you need to provide about 8 holes around the bag, to let the roots breathe.  These are best made with a hole punch at the corners of the bag (easy does it) about 6” (12 cm) from the base. Fill in ¾ of a bag with good soil mixed with compost and plant two potatoes in each bag. Plant potato plants about 6 “ to 8* ( 20 cm) deep compact the bag with your hands and top up with soil if needed. Water in and leave to grow. Plants will be big and have white or pink flowers, depending on variety. Green parts of potato are not edible.  The crop tastes brilliant