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Return of the Product spawned a hit single "Here It Comes"/"Back to the Grill", which reached number 1 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. Released as part of a partnership between Columbia Records and Hoppoh, the imprint of DJ Bobbito and 3rd Bass member Pete Nice (an auspicious pair), his “Walk Like a … I'll take you out like a sniper on a roof The song winds down with still more 3rd Bass's 1991 follow-up, Derelicts of Dialect, had a new target in fellow white rapper Vanilla Ice, who was the focal point of several tracks on the album, most notably "Pop Goes the Weasel". Click HERE to contact us. evident in the next stanza as well. Inheriting the labor of his immediate predecessors, his proprietary blend of innately gifted humor and hood-hardened heft echoed Kurious’s and Fat Joe’s respective skill sets — as well as their commitment to wearing their ethnic pride on their sleeves. Bass. Rachel Brosnahan Thoughtfully Explains What Dog Each of Her Characters Would Be, Taylor Swift Lends Her Voice to Get Out the Vote Ad, Here Are All the Costumes Celebs Wore to Their At-Home Halloweens, Amber Ruffin As ‘a Melania Trump’ Won Late Night This Week, Rachel Wenitsky Has Excellent Taste in Office Lunch. It features guest appearances from Chubb Rock, Joe Fatal, Nas and Red Hot Lover Tone. Realizing the huge vacancy the Beastie Boys were going to leave in their wake, Def Jam quickly maneuvered 3 rd Bass into position as the label's next great white rap act. 1st Trumpet/Cornet. The group consisted of MC Serch, Pete Nice and DJ Richie Rich, and were notable for being one of the first successful interracial hip hop groups. Household Tool" in the liner notes), Cactus also attacked the Beastie Boys and their defection to Capitol Records. Well now we have got to the usual part of the post I’m only gonna break down three tracks from these home boys. stepped to the Club Mars Recording sessions took place at Chung King Studios in New York City, at Chapel Studios and Red Chamber Studios in Los Angeles. Indeed, New York was flush with like-minded, street-oriented music. 3rd Trumpet/Cornet Tia Jermyn. ‘The Gas Face’, garnered respectable MTV airplay and the single peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Top Rap Singles, though it did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Nice retired from the music business and opened a baseball memorabilia store in Cooperstown, New York. Serch performed at clubs and block parties, and released a single called "Hey Boy" on independent label Idlers. Derek Lawton . He released a solo record, Return of the Product, in August of that year, which included the second major label recording of Nas (credited in the liner notes as "Nasty Nas") and featured the single "Here it Comes." In 2007 Nice, along with Dropkick Murphys member Ken Casey, opened McGreevy’s 3rd Base Saloon, a baseball history-themed sports bar, in Boston in April 2008. Recording sessions took place at Chung King Studios in New York City, at Chapel Studios and Red Chamber Studios in Los Angeles.

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