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Ask your 'customer' to press ctrl+F5 (windows) cmd+R (mac) when viewing pages he has problems with. On desktop I can scroll Amp'd ?amp=1 tagged pages fine in Chrome and Opera browsers. I also know this is an AMP issue, because if i go into the browser settings and select "Desktop site" the page then opens and is fully functional once again. Then, you ask “why does my scroll stop working on Chrome” and “how do I fix scroll wheel not working in Chrome”. Follow these steps below: Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, type chrome://flags to the address bar and press Enter. Copy to clipboard. The file has 179 MB. Google AMP URLs are placing EXTRA NUMBERS in the click-to-call button making it IMPOSSIBLE for any user to call our company !!!!! Letsencrypt - SSL - Letsencrypt downtime . Search in posts. /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/td-p/9635472, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635473#M33330, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635474#M33331, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635475#M33332, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635476#M33333, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635477#M33334, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635478#M33335, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635479#M33336, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635480#M33337, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635481#M33338, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635482#M33339, /t5/muse/some-pages-won-t-scroll-at-all-since-new-update/m-p/9635483#M33340. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. Scroll Wheel Stops Working in Chrome. Initial experimental implementation. Failed to attach file, click here to try again. Got to dig through and figure out what line of css was causing it. I have two divs stretching beyond the bottom of my visible screen but the scroll bar won't appear and I tried playing around with various "overflow" possibilities but couldn't figure it out. use Kiwi browser, bromite or Firefox and this issue won't bother you anymore. I just noticed some pages at random on the websites are now missing the scroll bars. Sometimes the scrolling feature works fine on other browsers other than Google Chrome. It is amazing how these giants just roll any new code out these days without proper testing... it's like they just dont care who they affect as long as they can come out with more and more ways to track us and our searching habits . While you are using Google Chrome, the scroll wheel on your PC’s mouse seems to not work properly. This allows it to parse more suggestions by recursively looking at inline configurations inside tags on the loaded documents. *I've been using Muse since beta and am very good with it and have tried everything like changing page properties to scroll always and automatic. (The most common browser), I had been using an older version of Muse for a while (I think 2015 or 2016) and since I updated to the new version this week it's been one problem after another. This must be A CORS HTTP service. By Vera | Follow | Last Updated March 02, 2020. All pages are scrolling fine. Take it easy and now you can know the reasons and get solutions from this post from MiniTool. Use the src attribute to point to the remote JSON configuration. Step 2: Click Mouse and go to Lenovo > Advanced Properties. I suggest to the user who has encountered this problem, to include the console where the causes of this problem will be seen, to make a screenshot and to provide here that the developers could determine the cause. Are you sure you want to continue? Instead, I can only see one complete page on the screen at a time. Array of pages. If your mouse scroll is not working then don’t worry. this is sabatosh ! Why is it always the software and never the user of the user's computer that is the problem? Today, we will discuss another issue with the mouse wheel – it won’t scroll in Chrome. Only to give you a vague impression: If all .muse files, I was analysing only today for community members, had this size, I would have to wait for about 2,5 hours only to download them before even being able to have a look at …, Perhaps someone else here has a faster internet connection, more time, or won’t mind, if friendly requests are simply ignored …. To make use of these features, follow these instructions: The src attribute points to the remote endpoint that returns amp-next-page's JSON configuration. Hide elements which are common across multiple loaded pages by using the next-page-hide attribute. Infinite scrolling experience for document-level page recommendations. Generic selectors. Many users have reported disabling this feature can completely resolve the issue and make the wheel operate normally again. Learn more. Mouse scroll buttons helps you to scroll up and down in your computer. The default separator is a full-width grey line. The maximum number of pages to load and show to the user. Structure remote configurations like the example below. If this label is not satisfactory, please consider using a custom recommendation box or separator element to improve accessibility. Smooth scrolling and Chrome extensions are two main reasons behind webpage not scrolling. To preserve the last instance, choose a common identifying value for each of these types of elements. Get free backup software to backup the entire system and your data on the hard drive. What causes the scroll wheel not working in Chrome? There are custom widgets on these sites, it might be worth temporarily disabling them if you are still having issues. Since I am having trouble browsing anything, can any of you please reach out to me by EMAIL (added to the end of this post) as well as posting a solution here for others that might be facing this same nightmare as I am? Is Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome? It's not all the pages, just some of the websites. If needed, any footer content should be embedded inside the tag (by adding a container that has the footer attribute) and will be displayed once no more article suggestions are available. In her spare times, she likes shopping, playing games and reading some articles. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. …while trying to load the search results. The user click on an article from the recommendation box. It isn't the software! This is not the default behavior when points to a remote JSON configuration. It was in one of the past beta versions, but was of a permanent nature in Firefox. North America, Canada, Unit 170 - 422, Richards Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2Z4, Asia, Hong Kong, Suite 820,8/F., Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. CRIMINAL !!! Specify pages in a JSON configuration. Get the best free data recovery software to recover up to 1GB data totally for free! String URL pointing to the next remote JSON configuration. Whatever it was that I fixed was lost in our latest style updates. Chrome's dedicated forum would perhaps be a closer match for your issues, you can find that here Step 3: Restart Chrome and see if the issue of mouse scroll not working in web browser is solved. Community Guidelines. This is the default behavior when inlines the JSON configuration. We are taking an important initative to make 3rd party plugins & themes to be perfectly compatible with AMP. It's not all the pages, just some of the websites. Although this way is helpful to fix Windows 10 scrolling problems, you can also have a try to fix mouse scroll not working in Chrome. Solutions Are Here! We recommend using the same analytics triggers used on standalone articles, including scroll-bound triggers. The array contains all page object definitions as defined above. Unable to scroll Amp'd pages ? The URL's protocol must be HTTPS. Search in content. Search in excerpt. These events can be tracked in the amp-analytics config as follows: Both specific triggers provide the variables url and title. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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