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But beyond that it is impossible to tab to the individual media thumbnails, and thus to select them to update details and insert them into the page or post. Currently, Dragon Naturally Speaking (popular voice recognition software) does not recognise these ARIA attributes so the only way for Dragon users to interact with the Add Media panel is via mouse emulation. ARIA Conference – Bookings to close Monday 12th May 2014, Representing the sector – the future of ARIA, The abolition of the concept of exemption by the Commissioner, Power to Cancel a person’s “registration”. Building Accessible WordPress Themes – Featured Images, How to Build an Accessible WordPress Theme, Street Accessibility for the Blind in Vienna (Video), Instagram Accessibility Reduced by New Design, Accessibility presentations at WordCamp UK 2013. And that would be the best way to solve the accessibility issues here. Your eMail (will not be published) (required), Previous post: Accessibility presentations at WordCamp UK 2013, Receive notification of news and updates from Coolfields Consulting, Copyright © 2009 - 2020 Coolfields Consulting     Call us on 01483 856613     Email us at The decision not to proceed with the conference in London has been a difficult one for us and has not been taken lightly. An afternoon learning and discussing what the future holds for. We hope this to be the start of a new relationship with the Commissioner and her staff to engage in positive debate regarding our industry. This ARIA attribute tells screen readers that this element is to be treated as if it is behaving as a checkbox. You can use the comment form below. October 2015; May … Published: Sep 18th, 2013 | Author: Graham Armfield | 2 Comments. This provides that the Commissioner can apply to the First Tier Tribunal (Immigration Services) to suspend a person’s “registration” where they have been charged with an indictable offence, an offence involving dishonesty or deception or an offence under certain sections of the Immigration Act 1971. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. by Bella Creative Studio. I am needing to add custom aria-labels to each of the menu (and sub-menu) items in my WordPress website. To sign up send us your e-mail address to We would welcome your views on this so we can feedback to UKVI. Users of voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking also have a hard time interacting with the modal window. It is running a custom theme. Follow aria-sa on; Search. But to do so, she must get a warrant. At this stage it is not clear when this solution will be applied. The 1MCB Immigration and Asylum Update (IAU) will provide regular short summaries about notable or informative immigration and asylum cases to assist practitioners in quickly assessing what new reported cases are about. We expect the remaining provisions to be implemented later in the year, probably October. The panel can be opened successfully using keystrokes and the links at the top of the panel can be accessed. We expect the day to be very popular – so book now! That said, this solution was successfully tested using the latest version of NVDA screen reader in conjunction with a recent version of the Firefox browser. It’s not ideal but it is possible. It’s aim was to to improve the user experience of adding media (usually images, but also documents) into pages and posts. Whilst we support the general gist of this, we are concerned on several fronts: potential for discrimination; lack of understanding of Immigration status by landlords and agents; but most of all regarding the provision of advice on Immigration matters by people or companies with no expertise (ie letting agents). F E A T U R E S Responsive layout (check it out on mobile) Custom logo & favicon option Widgetized homepage to showcase your posts, Instagram feed, affiliate links, etc.

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