best double rifle case for airline travel

2 Scoped hunting rifles can be adjusted easily on a 52″ case while you can carry only one scoped tactical rifle. Some bags got the TSA certificate, which means those cases can be taken to the plane without any doubt. We also much preferred Plano’s style of storing rifles in their foam padding than SKB’s “bunk bed” style. All-weather gun cases offer rugged dependability. Add on the weight of your firearms and gear, and you’ll be getting quite a workout on your way to the security line in the airport. Among the five sizes, choosing the right size will give you perfect comfort. Wrap around harry handle straps and top and bottom compression straps, Padded primary compartment: - accommodates two rifle up to 42 inches long, 2 hook and loop straps to secure rifle with padded sleeves for addition barrel protection (one on each end), Secondary Compartment: - 26 inch long with 2 internal padded pockets, Capable of accommodating two rifles up to 50-Inch in length, Internal dimensions 50 x 9.5 x 6-Inch, weight 22-Pounds, Features TSA recognized and accepted trigger release latches. But, if you intended for air traveling, you have to purchase airline approved cases. Padding is a must-have feature to comply with the safety of the bag. Price incl. It is built in a way that defends firearms from damage. Between the MOLLE webbing, durable materials, and all the extra storage space, we are impressed again and again by the brand. All the bags are made according to required law, and you should not be worried while buying. Most of the bags offer the water-resistant feature. I have made a list of 6 best double rifle cases explaining all those answers. It will hold multiple guns separated by a padded divider and also provide ample storage facility. Plano cases are airline approved while other cases may use for air travel too with the TSA approval. These tough H-Series cases are built using a high … We’ve mentioned before that the downside to this option is that it can get expensive buying the additional pieces to modify or change the case, but that’s not necessarily a requirement if you buy it. Additionally, 3 exterior pockets are more than enough for keeping eye protection, hearing etc. To save the guns from water, water resistance is must especially if you go hunting in a lake or rainy weather. Inside the case is the Plano pluck foam. For this review, between soft cases or hard cases, we’re definitely going to select a hard case. Performance – Now that we are on to hard cases for your multiple rifles, Plano’s option here is perfect for long distance travel or travel where you have to stow your items away. Then adjust the belt and make sure the bag is not sagging below your behind. Materials – This is a soft case that accommodates two mid sized carbines within the center compartment. Wheels at the base and a swivel handle at the top make this heavy duty case easy to carry, specifically for airport travel. Compared to the other bags available in the market, undoubtedly it is excellent value for money. The main compartment is padded, which also has a padded divider to hold two rifles. However, it will make a great double rifle case for carrying your gear to the range or for shorter distances. The HQ Issue cases are certainly lighter and are much more affordable (starting around $75). For the price, it is excellent quality, and you would buy it again and again. What we say – The VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case is the best choice for those who find a hard case to be too heavy but still want a brand they can rely on. This is a convenient case to carry – or not carry, for that matter; the wheels counteract the heavier weight of the case in general. Performance – Condor is another very trustworthy brand. Needless to say, your day to day might not require these high performance cases. Not all the cases are TSA approved. Plus, the backpack straps can really come in handy. You can also get the HQ Issue Double Carry Gun Case for much less than a Pelican case … You can definitely find expensive, tough cases for hard military use, but there are also budget options for more casual commercial travel. Soft cases are ideal for a small tour, while the hard one is best for long-distance travel. The WAR POET Pistol | the multi-role 9mm compact pistol, Homeschool Resources, Curriculum, Videos, & Encouragement, Level III + PA Body Armor Plate Multicurve, Esstac Mag Pouches – One Up Your War Belt, Medical Class with Doc T – Tactical Combat Casualty Care. If you’re only requiring a carrying case to take a few things to the firing range on the weekend, then you’ll want to stick to the soft cases. Extra PALS looping on each end allows you to customize your... Lockable heavy-duty zippers with metal zipper pulls. Well, then you’ll have to buy yourself a double rifle case! The Plano All Weather gun case is an excellent choice for all the shooting enthusiasts as it is an excellent value for money. At that affordable price range with lots of space and features, it will be worth double what you pay for. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has more than seven pockets all over the place. Usually, heavy-duty cases weigh heavy while some brands make lightweight, rugged cases. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case Firearm... NcSTAR CVDC2946T-36 Vism Double Carbine Case, Tan, 36-Inch. Finally, last but not least, this Plano case is an excellent value for money and unique in many ways. Comfortable padded shoulder strap and hand carrier including D-ring ensures the ease of carrying. Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag, 5. It comes in 5 different sizes 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, 55″. The padded main compartment allows holding two rifles with a divider in it. Unlike other Savior Equipment bags, this one has backpack straps. The carrying handle can be closed together with Velcro, and there’s a backpack strap that is detachable. This certification will be mentioned on the bags tag or online store. This case can protect a rifle with its sturdy and thick plastic made with the help of thick inserted foam. SKB focused on a couple areas to make sure their case was genuinely “heavy duty.” The bumpers and the thick wheels certainly make traveling with the case easy, smooth, and totally protected from bumps and scrapes. This option is available to purchase in black, olive drab, or tan. The main downside? Zippers are made from varieties of qualities and materials. So, before buying, make sure you check all the carrying options and also check if the backpack straps are adjustable or not. The main compartment in the case is large enough to hold two rifles, and it also includes padded sleeves and hook and loop straps to keep the weapons securely in place during travel.

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