best songs of 2019

And nowhere is he more direct than on this sparse, heart-swollen piano ballad. And, who better to do this than Pusha T, a rapper who has long written about the gritty means of fighting your way to the top. SM. Catchy and furious in equal measure, ‘Big’ is a song to feel invincible to, and when Chatten yells. —Madison Vain, As the story goes, DaBaby made 2019’s breakout smash hit “Suge” right after begging his label for a check. Six pints deep, when you’re sort of heartbroken but also having a ball on Hinge. Olsen's vaulting, echoing vocals bound over a wide-reaching chorus of strings and bold, marching drums. (“Sometimes I can’t breathe if I think too much about the things that are happening around me,” she wrote on Instagram, where she’s followed by nearly 20 million people. It was simple, perfect and potent.

Like Arctic Monkeys, these guys are pros at changing their style but retaining their identity – there must be something in the water in Sheffield. Bow down.

Despite all of this, Grande released two of the biggest pop albums of the decade within a span of three months.

When to play it: When you’re off to get drunk with your friends, of course. He’s right. RD. The result is something with so much energy it’s like drinking Monster in a moshpit, a Parklife-like stream-of-consciousness with precise comic timing and heaps of nutter-on-the-loose attitude, as if the spirit of Keith Flint were haunting the studio. e-dye t-shirts on a blissful Spring afternoon.
When to play it: Whenever you want to feel invincible. The youngest Knowles’ latest is a freeform exploration of the places that make us, a heady trip through, as was described in an interview with the artist, the “Houston of the mind.” (Solange and her sister, Beyonce, both hail from the Texas city.) It’s notable that longtime fans didn’t decry the band for enlisting a sort-of nativity school choir to belt out the poppy hook to the ‘Knot’s most commercial cut to date.

—Matt Miller, The opening track to her expansive fifth album, "Lark" places the listener directly in the middle of Angel Olsen's vast sonic landscape.

- Matt Miller, “I'd rather be carried by 6 before I'm judged by 12” Maxo Kream opens on “Meet Again.” The Houston rapper is one of the most concise new writers in hip-hop, and this line serves as a primer for a song that tells a vivid story about the horrors of mass incarceration that continues to tear apart at-risk communities. While the ACM awards might be ignoring female country artists, everyone else is taking notice—from massive streaming numbers to critical acclaim (see also: Kacey Musgraves’s beloved Album of the Year-winning Golden Hour). SM.

” she rapped at one point, before UK soul singer Cleo Sol’s velvet vocals soared through the chorus: After you’ve turned off your read receipts. Body positivity made great leaps forward in 2019 and this jubilant track’s message of loving and embracing yourself felt like a victory lap for the movement.

That’s a lifetime in hip-hop, when artists have the access to constantly provide fans with fresh material. “How they making me feel lately/They making me weird, baby, lately.” But that discomfort is a win for her audience; the track explodes with hand clap rhythm, burbling atmospherics, and an extended, totally out-there, frantic coda. Oh, and the meme-ready “Duh!”, before the song’s wobbly post-chorus wig-out. “I used to be free / I used to be seventeen”. Who else is making music that sounds this old-school and ultra-modern, this stripped back but lush, this abrasive yet likeable and warm? The lyrics were empowering, too, King Princess celebrating submission and telling a lover, “I don’t care if you degrade me / ‘Cause after all you are my safety / And everything you touch just feels like yours to me.” RD. reckless rave at the inevitable oncoming apocalypse. Interviewed for his NME Big Read back in September, AJ told us that he embraces eclectic influences, a result of listening without prejudice in his younger years. (It has since stayed there for five consecutive weeks.) “Need more self-loving, that’s how it goes.

To watch it is to witness her full triumph back to health and the dawn of a new era in her career. This is a marvellous, unifying anthem that says ‘no matter what’s got you down: you can do this’. His tone is hauntingly matter-of-fact as he weaves a personal narrative of friends who are either dead or in jail. has become a dominate conversation in hip-hop. Why? Their striking debut single, "Redesigning Women," made waves late in July but it’s their quick follow-up, “Crowded Table” that will stop you dead in your tracks. When to play it: When things are getting hot and heavy. Not in 2019, anyway. Shouting commands about the place like a boss, Simz also reminded us just how pioneering she is, setting herself apart from any other rapper in the UK. And now, after a 2016 and 2017 that included working with Frank and releasing the masterful Rocket, Alex returns with "Gretel," another perfectly stunning, kaleidoscopic track. And Walk Through Fire, which came out in February, announced a new Roots Rock powerhouse in town.

Yet, this meeting of artists is a surprisingly perfect match, with Ronson's glowing production propelling Olsen's dramatic vocals. When to play it: In the grip of your next hangover.

Brazen lyrics are accompanied by Rosalía’s trademark nu-flamenco sound, infused with skittering club beats and synthesiser licks. Along with the Northampton rapper’s ascent, we’ve seen him pushed and pulled in a musical tussle between the dirgy trap of his youth and his increasing flirtation with the punk scene – including a close association with Idles. You worth way more than a Birkin”.

It’s notable that longtime fans didn’t decry the band for enlisting a sort-of nativity school choir to belt out the poppy hook to the ‘Knot’s most commercial cut to date. Deal wiv it.

The arrangements have loosened, the collaborators lists grown more obscure, the willingness to explore out-there sounds heightened.

On this highlight from her solo album ‘Pang’, former Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek relayed the feeling of being under attack from a super fit partner.

—Madison Vain, The way Alex Giannascoli describes the origins of his collaboration with Frank Ocean is hilariously casual: “His manager emailed me when we were on tour in the U.K. and was like, Do you want to work with my client?

attempts to perfect – make for a compelling combination, proving that there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling to Tyler’s growth as a songwriter. And near the top of the list is “Zora,” a fitting choice to be Woods’s first single among such company. Oh, and the meme-ready “Duh!”, before the song’s wobbly post-chorus wig-out.

One of the best songs Haim have ever written.

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