bmw speaker upgrade

The end result is often a poorly designed speaker made with sub-par materials (cheap paper cones, plastic tweeters, etc.) Every Stage One is 100% BAVSOUND exclusive, and uses our proprietary, vehicle specific speakers. Replaces every speaker in your BMW (except subs), and includes everything you need except basic tools, available separately. Biggest Need. Which upgrade is right for my MINI? Can you recommend an installer? Many bmw vehicles come with very poor speaker systems that don`t even include Tweeters making the whole listening experience frightfully substandard. However, the speakers included in the Stage One are capable of playing at higher volumes distortion free, meaning the usable volume limits of the system are indeed higher. We get this, well, a lot. If you're planning to use them with your factory amplifier, odds are they won't sound very good. Here at Rather than building your speakers for a specific price point, we’ve built them to sound great in your exact car and audio system configuration. Then you can install the Stage One. Add to cart . 4 YEAR WARRANTY.BECAUSE OUR PRODUCTS ARE BULLETPROOF. Which upgrade is right for my BMW? Stage One BMW Speaker Upgrade for F33/F83 Convertible with Standard Hi-Fi. Muffled, muddy, sloppy, and harsh reproduction of your favorite tunes. AND DRIVE AWAY WITH AN INCREDIBLE SOUNDING CAR! We are often asked to upgrade the speakers for clarity, volume and better overall performance, and our wide experience means we can provide a sleek look and enhanced sound in your BMW. 12 months premium parts and labour warranty as standard with all orders . *, Everything about our speakers is 100% custom, and 100% matched to your exact BMW, right down to your specific audio system, body style, and amplifier -- which is why they just might be a better fit than the originals. No one will know you've upgraded your audio system except you. Visit our dealer section, here - ( If we don't have a dealer near you, many of our customers use this list of local independent BMW mechanics ( throughout the U.S. and Canada and have reported great results. Most BMW’s have have a single 3.5” in each door! All of that said, when comparing the actual speaker design and how our speakers sound in real world use compared to many, many aftermarket brands, they are, quite simply, exceptional when compared to most aftermarket speakers offered at similar price points. Just unbolt the factory speakers and install ours in place, plug in the factory connections, and play! Do I need to replace my factory amplifier or head unit to install the Stage One? Ever put together IKEA furniture? Some conditions apply. Unless, of course, they hear it. Upgrades start from around £800 depending on the vehicle and the customers The reason is simple: we're able to use better materials and speaker designs at the same price point because we don't sell through traditional retail channels with 4-5 middlemen. These technologies, working together, result in speakers that remain distortion free at higher volumes for accurate, natural, beautiful sound at volumes much louder than your factory speakers. Who can install my Stage One for me? Yes and no. An afternoon and basic tools is all you'll need. We’ll replace it at no charge. That's because BMW, in most cases, uses non-standard impedances and very high efficiency speakers. So if something breaks, send it back. So, if the Stage One isn't enough for you in terms of overall volume output, we recommend one of our Ghost Subwoofer Systems. This consists of upgrading the front door speakers. Will the Stage One be visible from within the car or require any permanent modifications? How do your speakers compare to "big name" brands like JBL or Infiniti? $547 or $ / per monthPrequalify Now. See our Refund Policy for more information. What if I have standard audio system? PLAY YOUR MUSIC LOUDER. Most BMW’s have have a single 3.5” in each door! Our company does things a bit differently than a typical speaker company. Build your kit in 5 easy steps. The Weak Speakers Have To Go. JUST BY REPLACING YOUR BMW'S SPEAKERS. BMW Audio Upgrades is here to help! The result, sonically, is generally distortion or poor frequency response and transient response. Even though many customers approach us with the idea that they would like an amplifier upgrade, the vast majority of those who install our Stage One are incredibly happy with the upgrade, and never think about an amp upgrade after it's installed. 100% PLUG & PLAY INSTALLATION. Take wattage, for example: A typical onesize-fits-all speaker company provides this information either to sound as "powerful" as possible or in order to allow a customer to choose an aftermarket amp to match the RMS of these speakers. Every Stage One comes with extremely detailed installation instructions with photos, or a step-by-step video install guide, or both, so you’ll know exactly what to do. Because our speakers are so much higher quality than the factory components and because they are better designed, they’ll play more loudly without distortion than factory speakers. In the context of what we do - direct speaker replacements for BMWs - the typical specifications are highly irrelevant to the end user. bass), and a subwoofer system that can accurately and powerfully reproduce those frequencies gives music its heft and impact when played back. So in the end, there really isn't a comparison. this will truly transform any bmw`s speaker system making driving an absolute joy once again. And last. And last. No, you don't. that hits the price target they’ve set... and also sound terrible. Ever put together IKEA furniture? So you can simply swap your original speakers for ours without changing anything else in your audio system, and the result is smooth, natural, yet unbelievably detailed reproduction of your favorite music. If you can't find an installer that's convenient to you on that list, the great news is that because our products are incredibly easy to install, virtually any place that works on cars can perform the installation. Well, many don't realize that the vast majority of sonic energy in recorded music is in the lower frequencies (i.e. I’m still not sure. What we do is very different. ALL INCLUSIVE... EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND (EXCEPT TOOLS). We had a customer call up asking if could improve the sound is his new car. We engineered our speakers to work perfectly with the rest of your BMW's factory audio system (or our upgrades), so you get audio nirvana without trashing your BMW. We design speakers to work off a factory amplifier that has a set wattage and impedance for each channel, and those values are very different from generic aftermarket values. Instead we buy from our factory and sell to you, and that means more speaker for your money. Everything we sell has been engineered for durability and longevity, and we know what we sell will last. Build your kit in 5 easy steps. GET UNBELIEVABLE, CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND. Replacing these weak speakers with a set of high-quality midrange and tweeter set will instantly will improve the quality of the sound, you will experience cymbals and clean and clear midrange from this simple upgrade. See our warranty policy for more details. They’re designed for your exact model and application, and available exclusively through BAVSOUND. No, our Stage One Audio Upgrade is completely invisible within the car and totally reversible after installation.

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