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The 2.5-inch barrel features a shrouded ejector rod with a fixed, serrated ramp front sight, and the fixed rear sight sports a generous notch. Reliability of a revolver with affordable punchy ammo. Charter Arms offers a true left-handed revolver. This is another five-shot model that weighs 12 ounces unloaded. For more information on Charter Arms, visit Made of heat-treated aluminum, this five-shot .38 Special features a 2-inch barrel and weighs only 12 ounces unloaded. A 9mm is also available. The gun weighs 21 ounces unloaded. $414.18. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. To order a copy and subscribe, visit It comes only in stainless steel and weighs 20 ounces. It weighs 23 ounces unloaded and features a traditional hammer spur and full-sized grips. This patented system lets you easily eject spent cartridges for immediate reloading. This grease hardens and makes the gun sluggish. Charter Arms Undercover when I was in law enforcement, so I had good feelings about the brand. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Out of stock . You can view a selection of our Charter Arms accessories on this page. When I learned that the same revolver was available with a 4” barrel, I became interested. First Charter Arms greases (or oils) their internal parts. Our headquarters are in Illinois but our contributors submit to us from across the United States — from Maine to California, from Texas to Alaska and every state in between. A target model is also available with a 4-inch barrel and an adjustable rear sight. Compact yet extremely powerful thanks to its .357 Magnum chambering, the five-shot Mag Pug features a ported 2.2-inch barrel and fixed sights. The version I handled had a 2” barrel, which I didn’t want. This revolver lives up to its name by weighing only 12 ounces unloaded. Let's look at nine of the most popular options available. This five-shot .38 Special revolver is also available in a two-tone Pink Lady finish. $463.26. It also features a 2-inch barrel, fixed sights and a traditional hammer spur. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), PWS MK111 Pro Pistol: An Affordable, Piston-Driven Pistol in .223 Wylde, Stevens 320 Thumbhole Security: Defense Shotgun Gets New Stock, SIG Custom Works Launches Limited Equinox Series P226, P229 Pistols, Apex Tactical FN 509 Slide: 5-Inch Upgrade Includes RMR Optic Cut, 1791 Gunleather Optic-Ready Holsters Now Fit Glock G43x, G48 Pistols, CMC KRAGOS Glock Slide: Like Adding Another Gun to Your Armory, Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50 Thermal Binocular Brings Serious Capability, Vietnam War Veteran Cites War Experience, Holds Gun on Intruder, REPORT: Concealed Carriers Grow Nearly 20 Million During Trump Term, 5 Pro Tips to Shoot a Small Semi-Auto Pistol More Effectively, Accurately, Video: Reported Biden Poll Lead Continues to Drive Gun Sales Across US, New Handgun: The 2018 Ed Brown Classic Custom 1911. I really can't imagine shooting the Grizzly or Buffalo Bore stuff through it (I've never done it. I recently received a Bulldog Stainless Standard for review. This ultra-lightweight five-shot features a 2-inch barrel, fixed sights and a traditional hammer spur. Basing the recall on customer reports and product inspections, the retailer says some of the handgun “may have a manufacturing defect that could result in unsafe conditions wh The Chic Lady is part of Charter’s line of colorful revolvers. All Rights Reserved. The original featured a blued frame, wooden grips and a 3-inch barrel with an exposed ejector rod. Its 2-inch barrel and safety features make it ideal for concealed-carry situations. The cylinder releases and opens to the right side for convenience for lefties. If you are looking for a Charter Arms accessory you do not see, please contact us, or you can use our site search function to find whether we carry it. Don’t fret, lefties. The DA trigger pull was smooth, with some stacking and a clean break. It also makes the gun sluggish in cold weather. It has removed the difficulty of rimless loading and ejection and offers the simplicity of rimmed cartridges.

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