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16. This is to be restored to for vessels of deeper draft kutubdia. The vessel receiving a Pilot is required to wait at the pilot ground near the entrance all clear of anchor taking into consideration the effect of tide and other conditions to facilitate boarding of the pilot in good time to be able to avail of the tide for entering and berthing etc. (5) L.J. 84″ Approaches to the “Karnafuli River” Bay of Bengal Folio. Keep R.T. Watch at least 3 hours before the pilot boarding time and also display her signal letters. 7. a. We calculate distances between ports and ports or ports and vessels Distance calculator for maritime industry online, worldwide and free of charge Payra SeaPort could be such a port for Bangladesh. Historical or past weather forecast page provides historical weather forecast from 1st July, 2008 till now in 3 hourly interval. For bulk cargoes like Wheat, Cement Clinkers, Rock Phosphates and Urea Fertilizer etc. With a planned development of Payra Port, it can be turned in to an effective port in Bangladesh and a regional hub for trade and commerce. The density of water varies at each turn of the tide which is semi-diurnal with prominent diurnal effect. SHIP MOVEMENT generally commences about 4/5 hrs. Mobile Crane 6 Ton 11 Nos. Other Appliances JCBC handling attachment 7 Nos. draft with edible oil and POL in bulk.3) River Mooring No.5-with Pontoon ans shore connection for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 9.14M draft with POL.4) River Mooring No.6-with Pontoon and Shore connection for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 9.14 M. Draft with POL.5) Dolphine Oil Jetty: For vessels up to 185.91 M.LOA and 9.14 M draft for discharging Crude Oil.6) River Mooring No. Vessels with bridge on the BOW & vessels having containers on deck obstructing clear view of forward, will not be handled during night. Find out more. Tuesday seems to be patchy rain possible. Chittagong Port Authority. 22. 5 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1011 mb. Chittagong Port, Bangladesh - Monthly weather averages including average high and low Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind Charts to assist you in planning your travel, holiday or an outdoor activity at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh You have not set any favorites yet. Spares are sourced from yard based on requirements. LOA and 9.14M. be classed at GRADE-II for operational purposes and shall be handled conveniently. draft. 24. All concerned are to consult the Harbour Master 24 hrs. Usually the freeboard of a lighter vessel is much higher than that of the mother vessel when the former approach the latter the reason being that the lighter vessel is in light condition while the mother vessel is fully loaded to avoid contact damage in such in a situation a close communication/coordination between both the lighter and mother vessel involved are needed. If anything is not correct on our website or you have any feedbacks or queries then please do get in touch. Historical Weather » | Buy Historical Weather Data ». The space between 3rd and 4th line is prohibited anchorage. The propelling distance from the pilot ground to the main jetties is approximately 11 nautical miles and the distance has to be covered at a variable speed in different sections of the river. for bulk Pol. (a) The entrance to the river with Patenga Beacon as centre if an arc is drawn seaward with a radius of 7 nautical miles till intersects the Coastline in Position Lat : 22° 20.4′ N Long : 091° 45.4′ E in the North and Lat : 22°7′ N Long : 091°50.5′E in the South, the area enclosed within the extremities of the arc; (b) in addition to sub-clause (a), the extended seaward limit of the Port shall be as follows :(i) North Sector: An area enclosed by joining the co-ordinates Lat: 22° 40.30′ N Long 091° 33.00′ E at Domkhali, Sitakunda, Lat: 22° 38.50′ N Long: 091° 30.00′ E at 2.90 NM seaward west of Domkhali, Sitakunda, Lat: 22° 30.00′ N Long: 091° 37.00′ E at 4.5 NM seaward west of Kumira, Lat: 22°19.30′ N Long: 091° 40.00′ E at 5.3NM seaward west of Kattoli and Lat: 22° 19.30′ N Long : 091° 43.10′ E at 2.0 NM seaward west of Kattoli intersecting 7 nautical miles radius arc from Patenga beacon at North;(ii) South Sector: An area enclosed by joining the co-ordinates Lat: 21° 30.00′ N Long 091° 52.00′ E at Sonadia Island, Lat: 21° 30.00′ N Long: 091° 40.00′ E at 9.5 NM seaward west of Sonadia Island, Lat: 22° 06.90′ N Long: 091° 40.00′ E at 9.7 NM seaward west of Gohira, Lat: 22° 06.90′ N Long: 091° 45.80′ E at 5.5 NM seaward west of Gohira intersecting 7 nautical miles radius arc from Patenga beacon at South and including Kutubdia Channel; B. Masters are advised to maneuver with great care while receiving and disembarking pilots. The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. The entrance to the river is constantly changing and no vessel should attempt to enter without a pilot. This port is connected with the hinterland by Bangladesh Railway, the inland Waterways through the Bay of Bengal and the Road network. Ship’s Spare CUSTOM Clearance and Delivery at Vessel. with POL in Bulk. Oil bunkers can be supplied to the vessels at the Oil Moorings. Vessels/crafts. Light Tractor 6 Ton 18 Nos. 2) River Mooring No.4-with Pontoon and shore connection for vessels up to 170.67M. Today's weather is turning out to be heavy rain. Moderate rain will be the weather pattern for the Wednesday. The weather in Bangladesh is largely governed by the monsoon. 50 of the Port Commissioners. Night Navigation vessels upto 153.00M length with draft having 0.50M less than the days permissible draft will be allowed to take berth during Night (6 pm to 6 AM) at the Jetties from J/ltoj/13, MPB/1, MPB/2, DDJ/1, DDJ/2 and CUFLJ only. for mooring purpose. It extends from 20°34N to 26°38N latitude and from 88°01E to 92°41E longitude. Agents of such vessel are required to consult the Deputy conservator well in advance. Fresh meat, fish, vegetable, milk, egg, rice, wheat, bread abd butter etc, are available for supply. For bulk cargoes like Wheat, Cement Clinkers, Rock Phosphates and Urea Fertilizer etc. (4) L.J. LOA and 9.14M. Distance Information of Pussur Channel (Approx.). Read More. g. Crossing of the bow at close range shall never be attempted. The seaward approach to the Port of Chittagong may be considered to be northwards of the. 7) River Mooring No.9-for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 6.OM draft for repair of vessels. Inquiry & Need to reach us: Connect Now by Email or Connect Now Over Phone . Vessel will not be allowed to take berth at or to sail out from jetty no.14,15,17, RM/3, RM/5, RM/6, RM/8 & RM/9 During night. However, if it is inevitable to cross, ship master may do so with caution. No.4 – with Pontoon and shore connection (Meghna) for inland tankers and vessels up to 75M. draft with edible oil and POL in bulk. It is said that a port can change the fate of a nation. Heavy Tractor 25 Ton 5 Nos. Mobile Crane 10 Ton 5 Nos. Ship master are advised in their own interest to maintain a watch on the Fo’castle and poop while the vessels are at outer anchorage. 859″ “Elephant poin to Matla River” Bay of Bengal Folio. UNDUE “SMOKING” from the vessels within the port area is strictly prohibited. length vessels with dry cargo. The visibility is going to be around 9 km i.e. 22 13.54 N long, 91 48.2 E . 8 for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 8.0M draft with dry bulk cargo for handling through lighters. 6. It is therefore advisable that the masters check. Pilot boards approximately 2 nautical miles seaward of the outer Bar Buoy. READ MORE. It is true that lightering at Chittagong outer anchorage during the period of yearly monsoon is difficult but it is only during some of seasonal the period. 3) T.S.P Jetty for Vessels up to 175.25M. draft. 24/7/365 Support at Chittagong, Mongla, Payra. Port of Chittagong vessel arrivals, departures, scheduled arrivals and ships in port are detected by processing of AIS data. in graphical mode for next 14 days. Except the Ocean going Tankers and Vessels of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation engaged in lighterage, local lighterage, fleet consist of tankers each of approximately 1,000 tons capacity and coaster each of the capacity of 300 to 1000 tons owned by the Public and Private Sectors are deployed. The tides are important for navigation as determines the possibility of crossing the shallow outer bar at the entrance. Delays hit Chittagong port after bad weather Bangladesh Special Correspondent | Aug 02, 2019 12:55PM EDT. Please get in touch to get a price quote. The Port of Chittagong is the principal Port of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Due to rough sea and inclement weather, water supply at the outer anchorage is affected often during Mid April to Mid October. Vessels arriving for demolishing purpose are advised to drop anchor North of Lat: 22º 16’ that is North of Alfa Anchorage. 14. 13. Ship master on arrival and prior to departure, are required to ensure that the vessels draught marks are clearly visible for Pilots to read the draught correctly. 8 for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 8.0M draft with dry bulk cargo for handling through lighters.7) River Mooring No.9-for vessels up to 185.91 M. LOA and 6.OM draft for repair of vessels. 4) DDJ/1 & DDJ/2 Two or more vessels having total LOA 302M and having draft not more than 7.00 M may be berthed. before the day’s High water. During the spring tide/Freshet/Foul weather vessels under 7 knots will not be normally handled and such vessels will be classed grade 2 for operation purpose. can be loaded up to a maximum draft of 8.50 M. 6) KAFCO-1 (UREA) & KAFCO-2 (AMMONIA) Vessels having a maximum length up to 185.91M and be loaded up to a maximum draft of 9.14 M. (To be commissioned soon). The daytime temperature is going to reach 29 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 25 °c at night. Mobile Crane 30 Ton 2 Nos. Coal Bunkers are available and supplies can be obtained by the Master/Local Agents through the Assistant Controller of Coal, Chittagong. Regret for the inconvenince cuased due to our company policy. During the month of February and March, winds turn via westerly direction back to the transition periods between monsoon and season in May, October and November, extreme of inclement weather like cyclones often occur with wind velocity in excess of 30 knots.

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