cossart road murders

I immediately wanted to go and Maura, Joe, and I got in the car after I did some serious Googling (almost giving up) for the exact location. Three of the "Kiddy Gang" murder victims (Wayne Sampson, 20, Duane Lincoln, 17, and James Johnston, 18) had disappeared in August and were shot and buried along the infamous Devil's Road/Cult House Road [Cossart Road] along the Northern Delaware/Pennsylvania Border … Visit Uncustomary | Self Love + Creativity's profile on Pinterest. My most memorable days as a reporter were during the reporting of these murder cases. [3] Markings at the top of the embankment and a possible leg impression in the loam indicated the assailant likely slipped or fell while throwing or transporting the body. So spooky that “The Village” was filmed here! The vehicle then sped north on Calistoga Road. The idea is when you drive over it, your car stalls and you hear the cries of a baby in the distance. Some people say a woman and her baby were murdered. Website Info. Hauck looked and found five sticks of dynamite, and did not identify at the hearing. Some people believe he was a horrible experiment gone wrong at the Beltsville Research Agricultural Center prior to the 70’s. Along with his brother James, Jr., he was raised by his grandmother Harriet Steffy and grandaunt Sarah Martin, and neither of the boys started associating with their father until a few years before Bruce began his criminal activities. He learned about Rehmeyer being a practicioner of folk magic and blamed him for his bad situation. He is currently located in Forest, Pennsylvania. Cause of death was strychnine poisoning 10–14 days before discovery. In 1981 they were serving two- to four-year sentences for convictions on state charges of this crime. 1) It's located off Cossart Road (nicknamed Devil's Road). On Christmas day in 1983, a drug addict father named Stephen Craig Johnson got high on PCP and other substances and murdered his wife and child, all while believing his child to be a reincarnated version of Jesus Christ. There isn't even a street sign for it off of Route 100. Norman was in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, but he was transferred to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania after his 1999 escape. They wanted their money to stay in the family, so they forced incest and when children were born deformed they allegedly buried them out in the woods on the property. [48] Allen was arrested on September 27, 1974, by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office[49] and charged with child molestation in an unrelated case involving a young boy. April: The brothers transported $21,900 in stolen cigarettes across state lines. They both received 4 life sentences. [51], Robert Graysmith, in his book Zodiac Unmasked, claims that a Sonoma County sheriff revealed that chipmunk hairs were found on all of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker victims and that Allen had been collecting and studying the same species. [18][19] Due to the age of the remains, authorities initially believed them to be those of Jeannette Kamahele[12] until a comparison of dental records later proved negative. No upkeep has been done since it was abandoned in the early 80’s for sure. It was incredibly creepy. They all pleaded guilty to this crime in 1981. Location: Liberty Road and Rusty Rock Road, Randallstown, MD 21133 There are houses and people who live on this road still, pretty close to where you want to go. So which one of this round-up is your favorite? We didn’t hear anything, though. If you’re crazy enough to go here, please oh please be careful. Whether or not these trees are really sentient, rumors circulate endlessly about an old mansion that stands in the woods off of Cossart Road in Chadds Ford. [3] A single earring, orange beads and a 14-carat gold necklace with cross were found at the scene. Yvonne Quilantang, 15, was found strangled in a vacant, Angela Thomas, 16, was found July 2, 1973, smothered on the playground of, Nancy Feusi, 22, disappeared after going dancing at a club in the, Brenda Kaye Merchant, 19, was found stabbed to death at her home February 1, 1974, in, Donna M. Braun, 14, whose strangled body was found on September 29, 1974 in the, This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 06:44. Police traced it back to the ring and wanted Hauck to testify who he had bought it from. Location: Decoursey Bridge, Cambridge, MD (pin) [2] Detailed credit card records and known whereabouts of Bundy reveal he was in Washington on the dates of some of the disappearances. So Cossart Road is in Delaware, not too far from the border with Pennsylvania, just off of Route 100 [Montshanin Road]. [45][47] Fingerprints in blood recovered from the taxicab of Zodiac murder victim Paul Stine,[53] a writer's palm print found on the Zodiac letter of January 29, 1974, and handwriting exemplars failed to identify Allen as Zodiac. Keep in mind that due to the nature of these adventures, some of these stories might be triggering. [11], Carolyn Nadine Davis, 14 years old, ran away from her home outside Anderson in Shasta County[2] on February 6, 1973[12] but disappeared July 15 after being dropped off by her grandmother at the Garberville Post Office. [1] Their bodies were found December 28,[4] 2.2 miles (3.5 km) north of Porter Creek Road on Franz Valley Road, down a steep embankment approximately 66 feet (20 m) off the east side of the roadway. He took her with him so she could do the digging and bury the gold for him. Website Info. The three murderers were tried in what became known as the “York Witch Trial”. It did not work out, though. This road is also the location where some of the film The Village (2004 film) was filmed. Ancell E. Hamm, murdered two Kennett Square patrolmen. [9], Lori Lee Kursa, 13, a Lawrence Cook Middle School student,[10] had been reported missing by her mother on November 11, 1972[3] after disappearing while they shopped at a U-Save and was last seen on November 20 or 21 in Santa Rosa while visiting friends,[10] having deliberately run away. He came into some gold and wanted to bury it at Greenbriar Swamp. Not just with falling through floors but with nails and stuff that can penetrate your skin. Howley told Stoner, who […] I did a poll and 70% of you believe in ghosts, so that’s pretty amazing. And if you want to do some weird exploring in your hometown, I strongly recommend checking out Atlas Obscura and Roadside America. Bruce Alfred Johnston Sr. (March 27, 1939 – August 8, 2002) was the leader of one of the most notorious gangs in the history of Pennsylvania, U.S. [12] It was determined that the unidentified victim was approximately 16 to 21 years old, wore contact lenses, had red, auburn, or brown hair, was about 5 feet (1.5 m) tall and at one time had broken a rib which was healed by the time of the murder. In each break-in or theft, gang members used their skills in picking locks, cracking safes, and disarming or averting security systems. You can turn your car off, turn your lights on, and honk the horn three times (but be careful, because it’s been known for the car to not turn back on till dawn!). But we did see two very distinct sets of glowing eyes in the distance which was creepy as anything. [2][12] She died approximately three years earlier.[22]. All of the victims were found nude in rural areas near steep embankments or in creek beds near roads. Cossart Road in Pennsbury Township’s, also known as “Devil’s Road”, will get some extra patrolling by the Pennsylvania State Police during the Halloween season. Website Info. [5] It could not be determined if she had been raped. [5] Semen was recovered from the body and a single gold loop earring was found at the site. when I comitt my murders, they shall look like routine robberies, killings of anger, + a few fake accidents, etc." Her body was found the following day down an embankment in a creek bed 20 feet (6.1 m) off Enterprise Road in Santa Rosa. Bruce Mowday, a Chester County reporter who covered the Johnstons' trials for the West Chester (Pa.) Daily Local News, wrote Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice in 2009. I had no idea my babes were into spooky stuff as much as I was, but I’m so glad! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Enjoy! That’s the spookiest part, for sure. That’s sad,” said Joseph Carroll, the former Chester County district attorney who dealt with Johnston Jr. in connection with his testimony against his father and other members of the gang. A high school friend said the girls were going to hitchhike to a party in Santa Rosa but had no other information and did not know who they were meeting.[24][25]. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you. In 1975, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a report stating that fourteen unsolved homicides between 1972 and 1974 were committed by the same perpetrator. Joe saw something move near the tall bushes. Locally know as “Devil’s Road”, you’ll have more luck calling this “Cossart Road” if you’re using a GPS. There aren’t really any artifacts left there like in the video we originally saw. They were sentenced to four to nine years for the thefts. They drilled holes in the side of the shop and disarmed the alarm system, and used dynamite to gain access to a safe.

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