current meaning science

This is a quantity that described the probability of flow in terms of unit time per unit area. The standard unit is the ampere, symbolized by A. The common symbol for current is the uppercase letter I. Definition (Quantum Mechanics) In physics, a current may refer to a probability current, which is also called a probability flux. Electric current, any movement of electric charge carriers, such as subatomic charged particles (e.g., electrons having negative charge, protons having positive charge), ions ( atoms that have lost or gained one or more electrons), or holes (electron deficiencies that may be thought of as positive particles). See more. Current is a flow of electrical charge carriers, usually electrons or electron-deficient atoms. One ampere of current represents one coulomb of electrical charge (6.24 x 10 18 charge carriers) moving past a specific point in one second. Electric current definition, the time rate of flow of electric charge, in the direction that a positive moving charge would take and having magnitude equal to the quantity of charge per unit time: measured in amperes.

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