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The conservative forces in the world seem to be very strong at the moment, and debates around international drug policy seem to be completely stuck. This leads to a discussion as to whether people who use drugs are morally responsible for this. With Poppi, the aim is to replace this emotional romance with knowledge and fact through personal interaction with topics of health, criminality, and stigma. In any society, the nature of drug use and its multitude of causes and effects is a reality spectrum loaded with emotion, and something hardly existing as black & white. And third we would love to employ people who use drugs at some point in the future. Some people believe that it is dangerous to talk about the joy of drug use to young people because you can send a bad message. The last thing we want to do is promote drug use. This can have dangerous consequences, both for individuals and for those who make political decisions. Jij kan helpen Poppi groot te maken. Via deze city challenge of ‘city game’ reis je terug in de tijd naar het ruige Amsterdamse stadscentrum van de jaren ’80 en ’90. Popeye, one of the most famous cartoon characters of all times, might have been a cannabis lover. (If you're a human, don't change the following field). Everyone has an opinion, but current beliefs and knowledge are often based on assumptions, half-truths or anti-cannabis propaganda - on lies instead of facts. Op die manier draagt Poppi niet alleen bij aan meer kennis over drugs en beleid, maar ook aan meer begrip en betere zorg. De winst van Poppi stroomt terug naar initiatiefnemer Stichting Mainline. [4] The museum also contains artwork, including David Teniers the Younger's painting, Hemp-Smoking Peasants in a Smoke House (1660),[2] and one of the fake I.D's of the famous cannabis smuggler Howard Marks. The Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum is a museum located in De Wallen, Amsterdam, Netherlands.According to the museum, more than two million visitors have visited the exhibition since it opened in 1985. Hundreds of videos on drug policy, harm reduction and human rights for streaming and download, also on a world map! First things first however; we need to get some funds together to get us off to a flying start. This is why we want to work with scientists who specialise in this area. VR can really touch people’s emotions and give drug use a human face. Animation and design by Lili Rontó. Absolute Höhepunkte sind das Anne-Frank-Haus, das Van Gogh Museum, das Rijksmuseum und die Hermitage Amsterdam. Email: rightsreporter@rightsreporter.net, Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam Crowdfunding Trailer, TAKING BACK WHAT'S OURS! One of our key goals is to stimulate the debate about drugs and the politics around it. I guarantee – you’ll have never been in a museum like it! Of course, there are also a lot of practical harm reduction tips you can specifically provide people who use stimulants with. +31mag - © All Rights Reserved 2014-2019 •. 945 people like this. The museum includes a live cannabis garden in various stages of growth,[3] pipe and roach clip collections, an 1836 Dutch Bible made of hemp, and many other accessories made from the industrial crop. Arts & Entertainment in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum is located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148, open daily, and costs €9 ($11.50) per adult (children under 13 are free when accompanied by an adult).[2]. Geloof je in onze missie en ben je geïnteresseerd om geld te investeren?Neem dan contact met ons op viainfo@poppi.amsterdam. Russian language videos on drug policy, harm reduction and human rights. Telling the story of Lucas Bols, the museum is interactive, engaging and a winner of the Dutch Design Award for the Best Exhibit & Experience – you’d be crazy not to love it! Poppi presenteert een unieke tour door Amsterdam: een Digital Drugs Tour. “Back then, drug use was very visible. Not for everyone, but a live sex show can be considered the epitome of a visit to Amsterdam. In 2012 the museum opened a second location in Barcelona, the Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum. The Sex Museum declares it is the world’s first and oldest sex museum and is a “leading museum on the theme of sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs and even attractions”. There were areas in the city where you could not even walk through because they were so violent and chaotic”, Busz describes of the era. And if you are not ready to start exploring yet that is OK too and we've got 17 Ways to 'Travel' from Home, 40 Travel Movies to Fuel Your Wanderlust and the 30 Best Travel Books to help you see the world from your couch! A leading Dutch harm reduction organisation, Mainline, launched a crowdfunding campaign to open the first ever museum dedicated to drugs. Did you know that industrial hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops on earth? Ambassadeur worden? USA – AUSTRALIA – MALDIVES Dedicated to cannabis and its many uses, the museum offers visitors information about the historical and modern uses of cannabis for medicinal, spiritual and cultural purposes. So there you have it, a tour of the best museums in Amsterdam celebrating all things sex, drugs … Its classy and oozes cool – from the minute you walk into the old building to sampling a cocktail at their mirrored bar at the end of the tour – every exhibit you visit tests your senses in the most wonderful way. [5] Author Rick Steves wrote that the museum was informative, but "small and somewhat overpriced, educational but not very entertaining". Poppi presenteert een unieke tour door Amsterdam: een Digital Drugs Tour. Deze tour doe je op een moment dat het jou uitkomt. How do you see the current trends in the drug market in Western Europe? The House of Bols is possibly my favorite museum in the dam. I hope you are able to go back and visit one day! “We find it important to engage the general public with everything we can around the issue of drugs, not just the health aspect. I wish.. I also believe that the designer drug trends might undermine drug policy from the bottom-up: you can’t win that cat and mouse game between designer/producers and law enforcement/policy makers in my opinion. But that could definitely change. 5 out of 5 stars. The excesses in the Philippines are extremely worrying. Narrated by Anya Sarang. We described 12 evidence-based interventions and added a description of 7 best practices across the world. Don’t expect romance! This allows us to gain more experience in the art scene and learn what our audience would like to see”. Documentary Series. We gebruiken cookies om ervoor te zorgen dat onze website zo soepel mogelijk draait. Hartstikke leuke wandeling waar je op een speelse manier terug gaat in de tijd en tegelijkertijd ook nog wat opsteekt.. een aanrader! In the Netherlands we see a lot of poly-drug use. How do you see drug policies around the world? Yes, there are cruises along the canals, and world class museums to explore, but a lot of people are looking for the salacious. Drugreporter is a non-profit website that needs your support to provide you with high quality ontents. On this Busz says, “[VR] would allow people to experience, not only, what it’s like to use drugs but to take people into local drug scenes. We will start the museum ‘lean’, with a series of exhibitions, events, and art-shows. They relate to safe smoking for example, or to maintaining somewhat regular sleep patterns. Browse videos produced by members of our Drugreporter Video Advocacy Network, from all around the world! 5. But this shrine to skunk is not only for smokers and tokers. Both. Evidence is more scattered when it comes to primary prevention among younger kids. Drugs in Amsterdam Tips For Using Drugs in Amsterdam (This article was last updated on the 8th of April, 2020) Are you going to visit Amsterdam and are you planning to use drugs? Given the illicit nature of most drugs, however, Poppi’s approach lies in a more interdisciplinary, cross-media approach. Then this article with 10 tips for using drugs in Amsterdam is a good read for … Highly entertaining for everyone! Our work around the world repeatedly reminds us of the needless suffering caused

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