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Duke hospital medicine physician Cara O’Brien, MD, is partnering with the Duke Institute for Health Innovation to lead a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and biostatisticians that is using data science to rapidly identify at-risk patients, speed treatment, and improve outcomes. Get access to the best care in North Carolina and beyond. Please note visitor restrictions are in place. For over 40 years, Arts & Health at Duke has believed that access to the arts is essential to the health and well-being of patients & staff. Advising for first-year students and sophomores focuses on preparation, requirements, making plans, and exploring opportunities. 333 Old Chemistry Building Access the best doctors and treatments in NC and beyond, Accelerating discovery and its translation, and creating education that is transforming, Connecting with the world to improve health globally, Chancellor for Health Affairs A. Eugene Washington, MD. © Copyright 2020 Duke Population Health Management Office. Duke prehealth students have many different majors from Biology or Chemistry to English or History. Become a Member. Whether you're interested in working for Duke University or entities within the Duke University Health System, Duke Human Resources has the information you need. Some study abroad in Costa Rica, Africa, China, and Spain. Search and apply for jobs at Duke Health. Workout with us! We provide guidance on coursework and activities from our team of Health Professions Advisors. Copyright 2018 Belvoir Media Group, LLC | Protecting your personal health information is important to Duke. We all experience loneliness at some point in our lives, but seniors can be particularly vulnerable. But we are equally committed to compassionate care for each patient we treat. Understanding relieves the burden of the unknown and moves us closer to a plan of action that best ensures health and well-being. Every story includes detailed yet easy-to-understand information from a source you can trust. Check out our Online Exercise videos! Our goal is to make your successful as you prepare for your health professions career. Duke employees are part of a premier organization dedicated to excellence in education, research and patient care. Stuck at Home? The findings may pave the way for better treatment and prevention.... Injections of botulinum toxin A (Botox) revolutionized the beauty industry by providing a nonsurgical option for eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. Duke employees are part of a premier organization dedicated to excellence in education, research and patient care. Duke accepts both US and foreign medical school graduates. Many volunteer or work in research labs and enroll in research independent studies, sometimes doing a senior honors thesis. About Us | Duke students tutor in local elementary schools, work in summer camps, volunteer in Duke Medical Center, participate in local, national and international service (often through DukeEngage), and contribute to university life. Some become emergency medical technicians. Helping you achieve your fitness goals for over 25 years. Duke Health has modified its visitation guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC and our infectious disease experts. Communicating with our patients and the public, helping them to understand their diseases and treatments, is central to compassionate care. To help you determine if this is the right fit for you, we provide information on a variety of health career options, information on education required, and links to valuable resources. Duke Health and Fitness. Member Login. Durham, NC 27708 They fill their summers with explorations out of the classroom. Available Aug. 16, this new feature will provide extra security by using a second verification of your identity and making sure the device you're using belongs to you. Others spend time at the Duke Marine Laboratory and study in the Duke in New York and Duke in LA programs. Copyright © 2020 Duke University Health System. By working at Duke, we gain the opportunity and the responsibility to make a real difference in the world. This monthly newletter keeps you informed on how the latest medical headlines affect your life. Partner with us in accelerating breakthrough innovations. If you have respiratory symptoms or you are concerned that you have COVID-19, please call your doctor or the Duke Health COVID-19 Hotline: 919-385-0429. Open 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Doctors and other professionals at Duke Medicine attack the most complicated health problems through basic research and clinical practice and make the breakthroughs that "make the news." Free Weight Loss Surgery Information Session (Virtual Event), Support Duke Health with a donation to our COVID-19 Response Funds, Copyright © 2004-2020 Duke University Health System, Duke Uses Custom-Printed Bones to Help People Walk After Trauma, Daughter and Mother Get Heart Transplants at Duke Two Years Apart, Why You Should Seek Care from a Menopause Specialist. Health Professions Advising is available to all  Duke undergraduates throughout your four years at Duke and after. 100social workers, nurses, and health educators. phone: (919) 684-6221 If you haven't heard about a procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), it's only a matter of time before you will. We work closely with Duke students and alumni who aspire to careers in the health professions. Stuck at Home? Duke Population Health Management Office (PHMO). Take a look at some sample articles inside Health News, then click on subscribe to start your subscription at a special low price for web users. Click Here for Step-by-Step Instructions using the Online Member Portal. Some become emergency medical technicians. Box 90050 Whether you prefer the excitement of helping implement cutting-edge treatment technology in a fast-paced environment or the close relationships that evolve through continuous contact with rehabilitation patients and their families, you can find your special place at Duke.

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