element of surprise in a sentence

Her large brown eyes took in Lisa with surprise and she threw her son a questioning look. Breda was captured by surprise by the Spaniards in 1581; but in 1590 it fell again into the hands of Maurice of Nassau, 68 picked men contriving to get into the town concealed under the turf in a peat-boat. 187+41 sentence examples: 1. 32. Definition of elements of surprise in English Dictionary; Noun BF element of surprise SUF-ise. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Several more men entered the library, all staring at her in nothing short of total surprise. When did you start thinking for – did you say Darkyn? But I mustn't go there-- those stockings are to be a surprise for me. Yet further warnings were given when a Pharisee invited Him to his table, and expressed surprise that He did not wash His hands before the meal. But to the general surprise and Lord Rosebery's own very evident mortification Sir Henry went a long way in his Stirling speech to nail the Home Rule colour to the mast; he did not indeed propose to introduce a Home Rule Bill, but he declared his determination to proceed in Irish legislation on lines which would lead up to the same result. He had one potentially decisive factor in his favour: the element of, 35. On the 28th of October r8 r r, Hill, by a very skilful surprise, captured Arroyo de los Molinos (between Badajoz and Trujillo), almost annihilating a French corps under Gerard; and in December 181r the French were repulsed in their efforts to capture Tarifa near Cadiz. attack it an hour when it isn’t expecting it. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. They paused in front of the dairy door and Katie stared down at Carmen in surprise. Wiedemann and Schmidt' that the vapours of sodium and potassium are fluorescent, important as it was from an experimental point of view, caused no surprise. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? His expression went from confusion to surprise and then back again. The occupation of Rome caused no surprise to the French government, which had been forewarned on 11th September of the Italian intentions. Author isaiahlim Posted on April 27, 2008 April 27, 2008 Categories Quotations. And Natasha felt that this costume, the very one she had regarded with surprise and amusement at Otradnoe, was just the right thing and not at all worse than a swallow-tail or frock coat. Gregory of Tours, in the 6th century, comments on the strength and pleasant situation of the place, expressing surprise that it does not rank as a civitas. But hang on a moment. 3. ( Log Out /  Teachers of the deaf often express surprise that Helen's speech is so good when she has not received any regular instruction in speech since the first few lessons given her by Miss Fuller. The khan made a vigorous defence; and, after the royal troops had been foiled in their attempts to take the city by storm or surprise, a negotiation was proposed by the king which terminated in a treaty of peace. He undertook to seize the fortress of Sveaborg by a coup de main, and, Finland once secured, Sprengtporten proposed to embark for Sweden, meet the king and his friends near Stockholm, and surprise the capital by a night attack, when the estates were to be forced, at the point of the bayonet, to accept a new constitution from the untrammelled king. To her surprise and distress she found that her prayers did not calm her excitement.

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