empty streets short quotes

Tranquillity is like a sugar for the mind; you think better in the silence of empty spaces!”, “There's an aesthetic theme, which is cities at two o'clock in the morning. Day, the boy from the streets with nothing except the clothes on his back and the earnestness in his eyes, owns my heart.”, “It's as though the shadows were an ocean, and the tide has gone out leaving a barren, rigid landscape of empty streets.”, “By then the streets are empty and quiet, night about to fall, curfew about to come down like a giant warm embrace, keeping us all in our places, keeping us all safe.”, “Sometimes Sonny felt like he was the only human creature in the town. Help”, “Maybe there is no Heaven. Before I can say anything else, he steps forward and takes my face in his hands. "I called you so many times and you never called me back." When these things can be said, then may that country boast its constitution and government. For a second I let the wind push me close enough to the fan's razor- sharp blades that a lock of my hair gets snipped and sent out into the night. Not even Sunday. Even when there was no one left to run from.”, “People turned to look at Howard Roark as he passed. My lips part for him and his mouth moves desperately against mine, devouring me, taking every breath that I have. A few idle men lounged about the two inns, and the empty market-place, and the tradesmen's doors, and some old people were dozing in chairs outside an alms-house wall; but scarcely any passengers who seemed bent on going anywhere, or to have any object in view, went by; and if perchance some straggler did, his footsteps echoed on the hot bright pavement for minutes afterwards. Those roads provided breath-taking views. "Sometimes he would walk for hours and miles and return only at midnight to his house", "this one particular house had all of its electric lights brightly lit, every window a lout yellow illumination, square and warm in the cool darkness", "The light held him fixed, like a museum specimen, needle thrust through chest", "He was alone in this world or 2053 A.D; or as good as alone", "He stumbled over a particularly uneven section of sidewalk. Some workmen were crouched down on the bank, washing their arms in the water. For him, the streets were empty. As if Venice felt less of an obligation to pretend to be part of this millennium at night, and had reverted to its medieval self again.”, “Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.”, “On fine summer evenings, at the hour when the warm streets are empty and the maids play shuttlecock in doorways, he would open his window and lean out on the sill. May as well sleep in. You shall be crowned with the touch of great inspirations!”, “During the late nights, try to walk in the empty streets with an empty mind! The river, which turns this part of Rouen into a sort of shabby little Venice, flowed by beneath him, yellow, violet or blue between its bridges and its railings. Votes: 3, When you're on the road and moving city to city, when someone isn't there at the end of the night, you feel empty. As it twists and flutters toward the gazebo, I think about just letting go, letting the breeze carry my body into the whirling blades, the wind scattering pieces of me throughout the city. And dream. On poles projecting from the lofts up above, skeins of cotton hung out to dry. No bicycles. Not cities packed with people going out to clubs and dancing but desolate, empty streets. Magnus looked at Alec as if he'd lost his mind. The neighborhood kids call me Nature Boy. Votes: 0, After that, whenever I drove past Mangakahia, I would empty my ashtray - and I was a heavy smoker in those days - on the road outside the hall. Nothing seemed to be going on but the clocks, and they had such drowzy faces, such heavy lazy hands, and such cracked voices that they surely must have been too slow. Empty what's full. It's like a bad Ray Bradbury story - 'The Memory Erasers'.”, “The streets were empty, the courtyards and gardens as if dead. There's something special about an empty road going on and on and on to the horizon where the sun burns the world away into a dancing, shmmering heat haze that reflects the crystal blue sky, literally blurring the line between heaven and earth. emilyyoungxo. Now the streets are empty. It must be the doves, surely. I throw my arms around his neck as he wraps his around my waist. The entering Austrians feared an ambush. I glanced over and saw strands of her hair blowing all around her face. Copyright © 2020 More Famous Quotes. Enjoy reading and share 50 famous quotes about Empty Streets with everyone. Even an empty road leads somewhere, right? Nothing here was part of her. To pray for America and at the same time ignore that command to preach the gospel to every creature, is nothing but empty hypocrisy. It was as though she had been locked away.”, “There's something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I hitchhiked to Miami in 1953, and there were oranges laying on the road, black shantytowns, and marinas with nice boats. It can be lonely on the road. Votes: 3, Those roads provided breath-taking views. Men and women with hunched shoulders, swollen knuckles, many who have long since stopped trying to scrub the coal dust out of their broken nails, the lines of their sunken faces. Let the good times roll.”, “But she loved studying and books, the way other people love wine for its power to make you forget. And you want to know why I haven't called you?”, “Sonnet XXV Before I loved you, love, nothing was my own:I wavered through the streets, amongObjects:Nothing mattered or had a name:The world was made of air, which waited.I knew rooms full of ashes,Tunnels where the moon lived,Rough warehouses that growled 'get lost',Questions that insisted in the sand.Everything was empty, dead, mute,Fallen abandoned, and decayed:Inconceivably alien, it allBelonged to someone else - to no one:Till your beauty and your povertyFilled the autumn plentiful with gifts.”, “Our part of District 12, nicknamed the Seam, is usually crawling with coal miners heading out to the morning shift at this hour. When you're on the road and moving city to city, when someone isn't there at the end of the night, you feel empty. 23 terms. Oh, I mustgo out! Amsterdam asleep in the white night, the dark jade canals under the little snow-covered bridges, the empty streets, my muted stepsthere will bepurity, even if fleeting, before tomorrows mud.See the huge flakes drifting against the windowpanes. Our”, “Look, it is snowing! Click on image of Empty Streets quotes to view full size. Sometimes I come offstage after a massive adrenaline rush, and then when I go to an empty hotel room on my own, it can be an anti-climax. Not the slightest thing. Shutters on the squat gray houses are closed. For whatever I sayis a kind of petition and the darkest daysmust I praise.”, “Seize the day or die regretting the time you lostIt's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache overI see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with timeBut I'm too young to worryThese's streets we traveled on will undergo our same lost past”, “Then there were long, lazy summer afternoons when there was nothing to do but read. I went back to the bed and looked down at it. No questions, no asking why, just quietly lay there with you, observing the stars, until you're ready to get back up on your feet again and walk the last bit home, softly holding your hand as a quiet way of saying "I'm here".It was a beautiful night.”, “Henry looked up and down the empty avenue-no cars or trucks anywhere. "You never called me back," he said. Votes: 1, I know I'm really lucky to do what I do, but sometimes with the hours and the travelling, I don't get to see my family and friends as much as I'd like. Or, noI am full of pain. The question we ask over and over. The sound of her own footsteps in the empty rooms, the silence of the cold streets beyond the closed windows, the rain and the snow, the early darkness, the green lamp beside her that burned throughout the long evenings and which she watched for hours on end until its light began to waver before her weary eyes: this was the setting for her life.”, “When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive, the rational world is my friend because I am the friend of happiness.

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