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This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. He utilizes psychological warfare. Needlemen can tag Killua. They all get crushed by Netero's stand. Feitan's ability is dependent on getting hurt and his rage, which works against him as if Hisoka strikes it's to kill and by the time Feitan's get pushed enough to get mad it would probably be too late. what if he strap a 10 meter bungee gum on another 10 meter bungee gum? se he could have something even more powerfull in his arsenal. Feitan gives into anger easily, however, it is feitan's emotions that also serve as his strength. Tier: 8-A, higher with Rising Sun Name: Feitan Portor [ch. and if he hits his needles he can fuck up netero. Honestly hisoka can just do what the troupe did and run Zanzan was just being an idiot, Also the fact that it can only be completely utilized in a closed area, As for feats I do see feitan winning as well. Wiki Points. 0. Reviews: 0. When it comes to Hisoka, the character is just as likely to kill you as he is to hit on you. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. One of the most important aspects of a Nen fight is the psychological aspect. His aura spikes and he unleashed Pain packer. I give it all the way to Hisoka. I want to see Feitan get broken honestly. Even if you want to argue a speed advantage, the RG are vastly stronger and more durable. Even the entire Phantom Troupe together wouldn't be able to hurt Meruem in a fight, which puts into perspective how weak Feitan is when compared to him. They get splattered all over the place by the time they have figured out a way to win. Round 3: Knuckle vs. Bonolenov Round 4: Shoot vs. Shalnark Round 5: Chimera Ant Palm vs. Nobunaga Round 6: Morel vs. Hisoka Round 7: Kite vs. Uvogin (Kite has his scythe for this fight) Round 8: Knov vs. Franklin Round 9: Ikalgo vs. Machi Although Feitan is a fighter blessed with tremendous power, he was barely able to beat Zazan, whose strength wasn't even remotely comparable to Neferpitou. So Hisoka is physically superior, although Feitan is not that far behind. He wanks hisoka and ilumi to no end and basis his arguments on weird logic and vague situational statements. Hisoka could solo. @Knowledge_King: The RG are absolutely not beneath the Troupe. machi can be usefull. Based on the reflection and revenge from this fight, and the fact that Chrollo’s ability should be curtailed, Hisoka coldly made the rational decision because I wanted to have his seriousness shown. Depends. Probably Netero, most people don't understand that the main reason his Hatsu was so strong was because of the speed at which he could deploy it, as Meruem said, it was the only thing Netero did that surpassed him in speed. I disagree, I admire his loyalty to Chrollo. Followers. You can connect with him on his email: reipenber17@gmail.com. I like the dude, but seriously, just stop. He could cancel it out with the Zero Hand if it came down to it. A new compilation volume of the Hunter x Hunter manga hit shelves when the series ended its hiatus, and Togashi shared several revealing notes within its pages. If Netero took this as seriously as he did when he was facing The King, he would stomp them. Netero wins. Both have general knowledge of one another, @dratini1331@knightofzero@shenkue i@ssj_god@nyas@ancient_0f_days@etheral_dreams@andr413@rexorr@darthaznable @newcomer@garrettmana@thenaughtytitan, (ignore the other two, if mods hadnt killed them yet....I accidentally posted three). Using Skill Hunter, Chrollo has obtained a huge amount of Nen abilities over the years. So fast they couldn't press a button. All rights reserved. Leol was one of the strongest Squadron Leaders of the Chimera Ant Army who managed to hold his own against some of the strongest Hunters, such as Morel. His attitude and personality piss me off. A former member of the Troupe, Hisoka bore the #4 mark of the Spider and was easily among the strongest members in the group. Feitan couldn't even scratch a squadron leader using Ko. “The thing that I most wanted to do was to let someone kill a member of the Troupe. But Netero was far more skilled and could probably take any of them, save the king, despite them being more powerful than him. With the right opportunity, Hisoka can land the kill shot. he kept up with silva and zeno both at once. Hiei...I mean Feitan if he's allowed that special technique and only if he goes uses it outright. Netero's not taking that many high level people at once. His bungee gum is a counter to Feitan's immense speed. he even got a power up after dying to chrolllo so it could be interesting. Hisoka will use psychological tactics, utilizing Feitan's anger against him, possibly causing Feitan to lose his cool and simply charge head on. . zazan is the 4th strongest chimera ant. Troupe stomps. Befiitting someone with his level of strength, Phinks is primarily an Enhancer, however, his skills with other Nen types aren't too bad either. So let's discuss it again. The Troupe doesn't even get that luxury. And that's only from a broken arm. They just wanted to reach and protect the king. I think the 10 metre range was when the gum is separated from his body. If everything fails, Zero-hand will destroy them. Alright. Though Hisoka will not keep up with Feitan, Hisoka's fighting style simply counters Feitan. VS. so that's not really a bad showing. And a zombie bungee gum boner. Pretty much. He would not give Feitan an inch to breath. However, the restriction is feitan must be hurt. In my opinion, it depends and can really go either way. And he's not a combat oriented hunter. Pitou was one of the Royal Guards of King Meruem and easily among the strongest characters in the series. Thanks to fan translators, those notes have now been rewritten in English, leaving fans to learn Hisoka came very close to killing Machi. Overall good job. Hisoka's physical gap is much smaller than Zazan's. Does we have to take it as a real proposal? Hunter X Hunter is a series filled with incredibly strong hunters, but who among them is strong enough to take on Feitan? With prep, the Troupe could take down Netero. we havent seen anything from her yet. I can't remember which scene you are alluding to here. Opinions? Killua's not even confident he can get past Illumi's needlemen without getting tagged. Netero would kill him before anything else happened. Hisoka is very tactical and thinks up on the spot. Feitan vs Hisoka (HxH battle) KingHype. So, luckily, the creator of Hunter x Hunter kept Hisoka from offing one favorite character for good. with his physical attributes. Yeah, no. Killua flatout said that he WOULD be tagged by a needleman. Feitan is so damn overrated. None of the troupe can even get near him without getting slapped around. Hisoka is the blood knight of the series and is quick to acknowledging others as his equals (see Illumi) yet not a single one of the Troupe bar Chrollo were ever on his radar. Although Hisoka wished to kill Machi in that place, I rejected it,” Togashi wrote. He's a skilled Manipulator, just like Illumi, however, he needs quite a lot of training before he catches up to either of his brothers. with this he can use 3 abilites at the same time. Determined to pass the challenging Hunter Examination, Gon and his comrades begin their journey to become revered Hunters and cause a ruckus along the way. On the flip note , he could possibly blitz erase them since non of them displayed Meruem or Pitou stats. And the RG are below Hisoka and Illumi, also proven by Morel not being willing to fight them AND claiming he's not even a combat hunter. Netero blitzs them hundreds of time over before any of them even know what happen. Needlemen aren't faster than Killua. He just didn't expect him to prep that way and steal everything. He is quite a skilled Nen user and his type appears to be Specialization. The combat hunters got beat so fast by them that they couldn't press a button. NEXT: Ranked: The 10 Best Anime Adaptations Of Classic Manga, Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. Here are 5 Hunter x Hunter characters who possess power greater than Feitan does, and 5 who don't. Although I have a feeling that the games that hisoka plays and his tendency to treat his opponents as prizes are eluding to him being a specialist who's restriction is not being able to fully become a specialist until he fights someone he considers worthy.

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