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As its nickname suggests, the most impressive sight here is the 40-meter-wide and 60-meter-high waterfall as well as the ancient buildings constructed above the cliff, a scene rarely seen in the cities. Caves? One of the special things about Furong is that visitors have the chance to walk inside of the waterfall itself. Tujia culture is closely linked with Nuo folk religion, an ancient tradition which fuses ancestor worship, shamanism and Taoism. Check out these places: Hi! Furong was the setting for a 1986 film called Hibiscus Town. I got a bus at 9am -10:40am. I am a person who loves traveling and making friends. Transportation: Take the direct shuttle bus from Zhangjiajie Railway Station, which takes 1.5 hours to the destination. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Visitors can even hear the soothing waterfall sound from 10 miles away. I wouldn’t get the full picture of the place, however, until going back to the upper level and looking down from the opposite side. Not only can this be a huge annoyance, but not being able to access your Gmail account or use Google Maps could even cause major problems during your trip. Furong Town is also known as Hibiscus Town. It costs ¥30 RMB and the ride lasts about an hour. Its population is largely comprised of Tujia people, China’s eighth largest ethnic minority. The town, in, fact, has been a trading port for over 2,000 years. While visiting in the summer will bring warmer weather, you might not get as impressive as a waterfall to admire if it’s been particularly dry. Furong Ancient Town is more than 2000 years old and home to the Tujia minority people. From there you walk around to the right side, which leads you back up the hill and through an alleyway with shops and restaurants. I began my day by checking out the old wooden structures in the middle of the main plaza, or Chieftain Plaza. Then it was renamed after a successful Chinese movie Hibiscus Town in 1997, which was filmed here, starring Chinese renowned actor Jiang Wen and actress Liu Xiaoqing. Wuli Slate Street in Furong Town, central China's Hunan Province. The most splendid waterfall is 60 meters in height and 40 meters in width. It’s best to take a high-speed train to Changsha first, spend a couple days there, and then head to the national parks from there. The unique geography made this town still be a pearl in China. I started from the left side, which had fantastic views of the waterfall and village from a distance. Most Diaojiaolou buildings don’t even use any nails. Furong town, where everything is still well preserved, lies on the riverside of You Shui. Check out quick clip below and imagine having a waterfall out your front window! Want to see how much there is to do in China? View all posts by rachelmeetschina. There are a few buses that leave to Furong everyday, but it’s best to check the schedule once you arrive in Zhangjiajie. Though the waterfall looked fairly calm from a distance, its force becomes apparent once you get up close. There are no direct trains or flights there, which means it takes a few steps to get to. Nowadays, however, the Tujia are an officially recognized minority by the People’s Republic of China. For example, the Tusi chieftains supplied the Ming dynasty with Tujia soldiers, and Tujia districts were largely left alone in return. It might also be called Furongzhen, or Wangcun. The Tujia have inhabited Hunan for thousands of years. As such, a visit to Furong is also a great opportunity to learn about Tujia customs, architecture and folk beliefs. Overall, the city is not that big, and the bus station area is still definitely walkable to and from the cable car station. Furong town, the beauty of the Wangcun waterfall. I stayed at Dingding Inn. To return to Zhangjiajie, I took a bus from the Furong bus station at 7am the next day. Xizhou Tongzhu, Tuwang Bridge, Tuwanghang Palace, Wangcun Waterfall, Wuli Shiban Street, Xiangxi Folk Customs Museum are all worth visiting. Supposedly, this was a huge cave complex that sheltered the local people who lived here against attacking forces. For those wanting to visit the mountain, getting to the cable car station on time is key. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3. Zhangjiajie is accessible from Changsha by either bus (West Bus Terminal) or by train, and the journey lasts about 4 hours. If time allows, you can stay at one of those local houses and experience the tranquility that it has to offer. I continued walking past the waterfall, where I encountered a long traditional pavilion. The city is also home to the Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport, which has flights to many major cities throughout China. I could only pay on the bus. Eventually, I arrived at the base of the waterfall. Read our China Destination Guide. But as there’s a hotel right in front of the cable car station, why not just stay there? The grand waterfall is a must-see for all travelers. According to the English informational sign, the ancient gate represents “the gas of the king.” While I think the translators probably meant something like “the king’s might,” the original sentence is not too out of place considering Hunan’s spicy cuisine! This leads you down to the waterfalls, and you can walk behind them! As you may or may not be aware, a bunch of major web sites are completely blocked in China. Be careful, as you can easily get splashed if you’re not paying attention. This is fairly common for shorter journeys under a couple of hours. They could fish from the river and gather supplies and the caves here held up to up to 1,000 people. There are quite a few attractions you shouldn't miss. 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Be careful, as you can easily get splashed if you’re not paying attention. The most splendid waterfall is 60 meters in height and 40 meters in width. Just outside out of Zhangjiajie, this beautiful village is perched atop a cliff, below a thundering waterfall. As its nickname suggests, the most impressive sight here is the 40-meter-wide and 60-meter-high waterfall as well as the ancient buildings constructed above the cliff, a scene rarely seen in the cities. What people see today is a dupilication, symbolizing peace. Spend the night here if you can! Arriving at the Furong bus station, I was immediately approached by a woman in uniform asking me if I was going to the Ancient Town area. One of the newest little gems we’ve uncovered is the beyond-charming city of Furong, nestled in the hills outside of the famous mountains in Zhangjiajie (Read more about Zhangjiajie here). Zhangjiajie is also reachable by (normal speed) train from many other major cities in China, but given the country’s size, it could be a very long trip. Sort of. Ultimately, I ended up at a small plaza nearby a parking lot. The film deals with the devastation caused by the Cultural Revolution of the ’60’s and ’70’s. This makes Furong a nice alternative for those looking for a slightly more authentic experience. Traditional Chinese architecture? It looks just like a postcard. Traditional shops and wooden houses are lined on both sides of the street, ready to take you back to the old days. Grand Waterfall at Furong Town . All in all, it can be explored in a couple of hours, and there’s not much risk of getting lost. Furong Town is also known as Hibiscus Town. When I traveled from Zhangjiajie City to Furong, the bus ride fell into the second category. Not quite yet at the bottom level, the vantage point was provided by the ancient palace of the Tusi chieftains themselves. It was also nearby some restaurants and a large supermarket which came in handy for buying snacks before the hike. Thanks for your post with great photos. The water falls from two-step cliff and the roar can be heard from five kilometers away. The reason we love it? Fortunately, as I’d soon find out, Furong’s Ancient Town area is much smaller than that of nearby Fenghuang’s. You’ll see winding alleyways hung with red lanterns and shops selling clothing, figurines, jewelry, textiles, and other take homes. We're sharing all our tips for making the most of your time traveling and living abroad. Working as a sales representative is full of challenges, I still can be satisfied when I help people who are fond of travel to discuss about their China tour. I had been to this town in 2011, the waterfall I saw was much much bigger than it was in 2019, do they build a dam upstream or just because it didn’t rain there ? It looked like I would be on my own when it came to navigating the area. I took a bus from the Zhangjiajie bus station for 30 RMB. There might be a yellow shuttle bus that can take you to the park entrance for 1 RMB, or you can choose to walk. The most important thing is I can make many new friends thought traveling. (But those with a private driver can stop there on the way to or from Fenghuang). They could fish from the river and gather supplies and the caves here held up to up to 1,000 people. I really felt like I was transported to Rivendale (the Elven city in Lord of the Rings haha). As three sides of Furong Town are surrounded by water, the grand waterfall traverses the town. At night, the waterfalls are illuminated making for a beautiful setting any time of the day. It was named as such because over the centuries, the local chieftains would walk across this bridge to get to their palace. Visitors will also find some artifacts enclosed in glass cases, such as a horn instrument that was (and still is) used in traditional Nuo folk worship rituals.

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