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Thank you again!! By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Due to not appearing in the Bambi film, visual representations of Gobo are sparse, though not nonexistent. Being around his friends, helping others, swimming, seeing the best in things, Being bullied, seeing others get bullied, bullies in general, cold days, when it’s too dry to swim, Naïve, too empathetic, not overly wise, impulsive, Protect Faline, one day have a mate and fawn/s. Aren't you a clever little boy? He started snapping at his old friend, picking fights with other fawns. He eventually wandered onto a road, and was hit by a four-wheeler – having found the fawn to still be alive, the driver called his parents and had the fawn brought to their home. https://bambi.fandom.com/wiki/Gobo?oldid=10362. There, he stayed in a field with some horses for his next months until he healed and his antlers coming in, and then the family began playing with him. He also grew to be very stubborn, determined that he was absolutely right about all things and refusing to heed advice from the likes of the Great Prince of the Forest or Bambi. At three weeks old, though, while on the meadow, Faline met Bambi and Gobo met none other than young Ronno. What he found was a forest, met with a hostile buck who claimed to own the place. Of course!! Gobo was Faline's twin brother. He played a crucial role in the book, highlighting the issue of humans caring for wild animals. He soon found he was a rare case where he lived with both parents. Faline and Bambi assumed him to be dead. This version was indeed illustrated by Wiese. The death, likely a murder, happened right next to Bambi, and the Old Stag would use it to demonstrate to Bambi that Man is as subject to death as the rest of nature is and is not the omnipotent being that some animals such as Gobo believed him to be.[1]. Oh that little rascal! His return to the forest and death helps drive Bambi closer to the Old Stag. Gobo was created by Felix Salten for his 1922 novel, Bambi: A Life in the Woods, in which he first appeared. Man, originally referred to as He, was created by Felix Salten for Bambi: A Life in the Woods. "Bambi stared at the creature. As a fawn, he was said to have been weak and small. This was against the advice of Bambi, Faline, and Marena, all of whom were with him at the moment. Gobo found himself actually quite amused and bedded down very close by, waiting. Untaken Path: Chapter 20 - The Rut Begins, Untaken Path - Ch. He would also reunite with a young doe he knew as a fawn, Marena, who believed in his idealistic view of Man and became his mate. Gobo was born with his sister, Faline, to their mother, Eina. He had encountered the young prince of the West Pine Forest herd, and was forced to fight him. Gobo knew immediately he trusted Bambi, so he decided to meet this reddish fawn with green eyes. And thanks :3. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by Bambi fans. They became very close, and Ronno was very brave – Gobo admired him for it. [2], At any rate, Man would continue to hunt even throughout the childhood of Bambi, a deer known among his fellow animals as the "Young Prince of the Forest". However, when Gobo offered his help, she adamently refused. Evidence for this theory comes from the appearance of a character with the same model as Bambi's mother appearing in a scene in Beauty and the Beast, as well as the fact that Gaston is a hunter with a particular appetite for deer. He’s a bit insensitive, and has a bad tendency to not realize he’s said something off until he’s hurt someone’s feelings and always feels awful about it. No, that wasn’t going to happen. He found himself very happy there. Once fall came about, though, he was left alone again as the aggression of the rut ran in his blood – though he only sported four points, he was strong. During this trip, the lives of several pheasants, a hare, and Bambi's mother was claimed by Man. yourself a must-see twice in a row! As the sun started setting, Gobo decided he’d return home – however, the dusklight played tricks on his eyes and he only found himself more lost. Soon enough, he noticed an odd doe in the herd. Illu… Gobo accepted the position semi-reluctantly, but resided over the herd as one of them, no more separated from them as any buck. Of course, it is unclear whether the Man who adopted Gobo and the Man who killed so many forest creatures are the same or not, but it is clear that they were on the same hunting trip. His mother was Ena. Perhaps he even had romantic feelings for her. She seemed vageuly thankful. During his childhood, Gobo was a meek, kind, and friendly young fellow. A deleted scene in Bambi would have shown him being killed by the forest fire which occurs during the events of Bambi. It was unbearably painful to look at that face and yet Bambi stood staring fixedly at it." It is known that Man has hunted in the forest at least since the time of Bambi's great-grandmother[1], though it is unknown both if this is when He first began to hunt in the forest or not and if the Man of Bambi's great-grandmother's days is the same who would hunt the forest in later years. In addition to the animals he had killed, he also went home with a live animal, Gobo, a sickly fawn found helpless in the snow. Gobo is also an impulsive one, and if you get him to being angry, he will say and do the worst things and has a bad tendency to put his foot in his mouth. Later on, they got to talking, and as summer wore on, Gobo found he quite liked the doe's company. He later appeared in Barbara Cooney's 1970 illustration of Bambi: A Life in the Woods, where he appears as a fawn, though he is indistinguishable from Bambi and Faline. Due to not appearing in the Bambi film, visual representations of Gobo are sparse, though not nonexistent. At least by the time of Bambi, Man lived in the same forest as the creatures he hunted. He was spotted in the meadow one morning, leading most forest creatures, save Gobo, to flee the area. He would trust Bambi with his life and trusts Faline with him completely. He was met with gunshots, and nearly killed. He was trying to prove he didn’t need a father when it was so clear he was hurt by his death. Bambi, Faline, Ronno (When younger), always Open, Ronno (After attraction to Faline sets in), always open. It stood remarkably erect. Who of Flower's Family is Your Favourite? That winter, when Man attacked the forest, he was too weak to flee, causing him to be abandoned. As the trio looked back, they could see Man bending over Gobo and heard the latter shriek as he died by Man's hands and by his own idealistic view of Man. A kind of dread emanated from that face, a cold terror. He met his cousin, Bambi, on the meadow when he was a fawn. Eventually, she gave in to his help. When that happens, Gobo absolutely refuses to see logically because surely that can’t be right. By the time he had reached adulthood, however, this had all changed. Not connected : To be able to post a message site, you must be connected. He ran off, in a new direction, to a new forest. https://bambi.fandom.com/wiki/Man?oldid=11355. Gobo was born with his sister, Faline, to their mother, Eina. Rather, she was shot after Bambi and his friend Thumper stole food from Man's home. This caused the young fawn to perceive Man as "all powerful, and very kind and merciful". He wasn’t really a target for bullying, mostly because he just had some trollish response prepared – he always retorted in the most amusing – if not cloud-brained – ways. While he was very weak physically, it could be said that he had a strong heart and was of a kind disposition. He immediately abandoned their friendship – or what was left of it – and moved off to become friends with Bambi and some others.

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