gold diggers of hollywood

Life seems to be going well, and then all of a sudden she's the face of the worlds largest cheating scandal.
She has since continued her dating-wealthy-men habits. After dating Britney Spears for a short three months KFed got engaged to and then married the singer. Drama and Hollywood go hand in hand. Of course Anna Nicole Smith is #1! She is rumoured to have got her hands on $20 million and on a $14 million family estate in Connecticut as soon as their divorce was finalized. In fact the two remained friends.

They are usually (on this list at least) from a simple background, average family with a passion to get their "15 seconds of fame" and often succeed.

Sarah Ferguson got married to Prince Andrew in 1986 after the two hit it off at the Royal Ascot. The DJ played a great mix of … She's even mastered her craft of gold digging so well that nobody even remembers that she is a gold digger, but with Deion on her arm, she'll certainly not have to worry about money. Apparently Lozada left her 10-year relationship to marry Johnson and then requested a divorce from him when she realized that he had no money, I guess she should have done her research! A world-class recording complex with nine studios and a multi-use sound stage for live recordings, showcases, screenings, and private events. It was then revealed Tameka had actually been living in it. Yet regardless of public opinion, there is no doubting that Nordegren benefited financially from Woods' cheating scandal. That same day Tyga purchased a house in Calabasas, California for the family. What followed was a nasty divorce settlement where KFed did not only get custody of the kids, but he also got a $20, 000 monthly child support. 5634 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 Today, Gold Diggers’ slogan sums up the synergy the partners hope to cultivate: “Drink. They had been together for 15 years when they divorced and Edmonds met comedian Eddie Murphy. Imagine being able to be on a constant vacation, and able to buy whatever it is you desire. Tech Specs. Not to mention that if you were born in the 90s and were even remotely into gossip, the news was everywhere. Guest Author - Amber Grey Based off of the Broadway play “The Gold Diggers” and the subsequent (now lost) film adaptations made in 1923 and 1929, these four light-hearted “Gold Digger” films feature various and unique stories about show business, money and love. Mind you, she is a super successful, intelligent (she's a Stanford graduate with a degree in psychobiology) and beautiful woman so it's no wonder that all these men wanted to marry her. The Gold Diggers of Hollywood. Tracey Edmonds has seriously dated around. People like to stereotype women as gold diggers but guys can get in on the action too. They sent in an undercover reporter who posed as an Indian businessman. Elin Nordegren’s adventures started off in Stockholm, Sweden where she worked in a clothing store called Champagne. Record.” Artists can stay at the hotel for a few weeks, roll out of bed and into the studio and, if the mood takes them, even do a live show at the 150-capacity club. Colliding with a police motorcycle, her left leg had to be amputated just below the knee. This is what happened to the woman with the wooden leg. And that’s how gold digger stories have our undivided attention; we just can’t help but being curious. Johnson took to Twitter and Facebook to expose her for who she really was, a gold digger. As the ex-husband of actress Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry was labeled a gold digger during the couple’s divorce settlement. After a couple of years of courtship the couple got married.

Do you love clothes? Book one or buy it out. Now Edmonds is the executive producer of Deion Sanders' television show and is currently dating him. Two months later it was announced that the couple were splitting up. Drake was allegedly inspired by Chyna after seeing one of the photo shoots she did. Inheriting the historic dive that’s brought flash and trash to Santa Monica Boulevard for decades, Gold-Diggers is staking a new claim on East Hollywood. He claimed this amount was needed to keep up with the lavish lifestyle she was now used to.

However it turned out that Ferguson was using that friendship to make herself some money. Talk about lucky breaks, eh? Lozada maintains that she loved Johnson, but we all know better. Great. These people would do anything to get their hands on a few million. Parking Thurs - Sat at 5545 Virginia Ave at St Andrews Pl. In 2010, when Chyna was still working as a stripper, her name became known after Drake dropped her name in his song "Miss Me". But in 2010 their relationship faltered and they announced their separation. During the settlement Mills fought in court to get $250 million claiming she suffered physical and emotional abuse during the relationship. During this Twitter feud, Kanye (another of Rose's exes) fueled the argument by stating that Rose is a stripper and gave the suggestion that his hit song "Gold Digger" was actually written about Rose! She eventually became friends with Mia Parnevik who was the wife of a Swedish golfer by the name of Jesper Parnevik. I mean c'mon, she obviously thought marrying someone 60 years her senior was a bad idea and who could blame her! 5630 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 After her relationship with Woods ended, Nordegren managed to nab herself a comfortable $100 million. It also does not help her reputation that her latest relationship is with a coal billionaire... can anyone see a pattern? Kimora quickly was able to entice many ladies men, but none bigger then Russell Simmons, whose business ventures totaled a net worth of $340 million. No responsibilities. Irving’s acting career eventually started to crumble and it was around this time she went crawling back to Spielberg.

While she had some heartbreak, walking away with almost $110 million in the bank definitely didn't hurt. It appears that the only good thing about the two of them (despite their pretty horrible custody battle) was that they had some pretty beautiful boys. Below is a list with the top ten most famous gold diggers of all time. She was co-starring alongside Nelson at the time in the film Honeysuckle Rose. Gold-Diggers A rare compilation -- equal parts perfectly tuned bar, venue, boutique hotel, and recording studio. Irving is an actress whose most famous role came in the classic horror movie, Carrie. The pair got divorced just five years later in 1991 but Ferguson didn’t viciously go after Prince Andrew’s money in a settlement claim. Mics/Floaters Swank, deeply comfortable, and just a few steps up. There was also a provision for a $350,000 annual alimony. While some people on this list did love their partner, there is still no doubting that they benefitted financially from the whole deal. Gabriel Aubry was born in Montreal, Quebec and was a fairly successful and well known model before meeting actress and A-List celebrity Halle Berry in 2005. Amy Irving started dating Steven Spielberg back in 1976 when she first began her acting career.

On top of receiving $250,000 a year from Spears, he has had roles as an actor, and worked as a model. Do you love clothes? Card payments collected by DeltaQuest Media, company no. These included his money, prestige and corporate offices. She was second guessing herself, her life and the upcoming commitment. He then however pulled another pin on Tameka by putting the house he had owned since 2009 up for sale. Seedy glamour, long pours, and fine-tuned cocktails.

The actress has also had a long and famous on-again-off-again relationship with American director, and producer Steven Spielberg, which only seemed to be "on-again" when her career or finances were in trouble.
The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Despite the criticism, the two stayed married for 2 years until their divorce in 2013. She then quickly went off and got engaged to NHL player Jarret Stoll who was 13 years younger than her. While working/performing at a Texan strip club, Smith met a well known oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall (who was born in 1905!). I'm just saying. Not knowing each other's age, their alleged love for each other grew over email and when they met in person, a steady relationship was formed. Their romance lasted for only two short years, before the pair decided to call it quits. With their age difference  being a solid 34 years apart, their relationship was cause of so much scrutiny from the public, who labeled Hutchinson as a pedophile. I'm old, no no I am, so I remember what it was like going to bars in Hollywood in the 80's and Gold Diggers has captured that on their Metal night.

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