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History from the Safavids to the end of the Pahlavi era. The fabric of the city is in three parts: (1) The old fabric, composed of about 5 percent of its area; (2) the new development, mostly constructed after 1961 around the old fabric, in the form of new quarters; and (3) the periphery, composed of more than 70 haphazard satellite-towns, collectivities and quarters, mostly constructed after the revolution. Among the sub-provinces, for the decade 1986-96, ʿAliābād with 4.53 percent had the highest rate of growth and Bandar-e Gaz with 0.9 percent the lowest. This is partly because of the limited scope and the small share of agricultural sector in employment (6.64 percent in 1976 and 6.77 percent in 1996), and partly due to the entry into the labor market of the children born after the Revolution of 1978-79, when the former birth control policies were abandoned and, in fact, reversed. Table 3 gives the literacy figures for the over six-year old population of Golestān province in 1996. Sāzmān-e barnāma wa budja, Āmār-nāma-ye ostān-e Golestān, Tehran, 1377 Š./1898. For men, the average age of first marriage has little fluctuated in the past, while for women, the average age of first marriage has risen by about 3.5 years during the past 40 years. United Nations - World Population Prospects, Gorgan, Iran Metro Area Population 1950-2020, The current metro area population of Gorgan in 2020 is, The metro area population of Gorgan in 2019 was, The metro area population of Gorgan in 2018 was, The metro area population of Gorgan in 2017 was. United Nations population projections are also included through the year 2035. Population of Gorgan . Gorgan (perz. Its first pilot project was prepared in 1966 and its first master plan was approved in 1974. There are also 999 inhabited villages in its 45 rural sub-districts (dehestān). In the meantime, like elsewhere, the quality of housing was improved in the years following the Revolution: the percentage of one-room and two-room dwellings fell from 8 percent and 19 percent in 1976 to 4 percent and 14 percent in 1986 respectively. The metro area population of Gorgan in 2018 was 359,000, a 1.41% increase from 2017. The distribution of employment according to activity shows that rural activity is predominant in this province, with agriculture accounting for 46.2 percent of employment, compared to 23.0 percent for the whole country. Physical characteristics. The same ratios were 42.7 percent and 86.5 percent for men. In 1996, 50.8 percent of this province’s population in the age group of 10-year old and over (51.7 percent for the urban areas and 50.1 percent for the rural areas) were married. (Optional) Enter email address if you would like feedback about your tag. The consultant engineers and the architects responsible for preparing the new master plan for the development of the city of Gorgān in the years 1994-2006, have enumerated its aims as follows: (1) to harmonize and create a rational relationship between the physical sectors and control the city’s haphazard expansion brought about by the uncontrolled development of unevenly dispersed satellite-towns; (2) to find solutions to the problems of uncoordinated distribution of space, service facilities, and infrastructures in the city and its suburbs; (3) to submit a plan for the disposal of waste surface water and its purification, which, given the city’s topography and considerable rainfall, is of utmost importance; (4) to submit a proposal for an efficient transport system, which, as a result of uncoordinated urban development, has become quite inadequate; and (5) to draft rules and criteria for construction of residential, commercial and industrial units (Mohandesin-e mošāwer………, 1974b, p. 47). Alimentation - nutrition: Animals: Architecture: Art: Astrology, esoteric, parapsychology and fantasy: Astronomy: GORGĀN vi. In the same period, the number of its cities has increased from 5 to 16 (Table 2).

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