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For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2017-2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of a brake fluid leak. These uneven tire problems can quickly turn into braking issues and also lead to reports of difficult to control vibrations, giving som…, Honda has been upfront about the 2015 CR-V’s vibration problems. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is searching for certain 2018-2020 Accords, 2017-2020 CR-Vs & 2018-2020 Odysseys with a customer complaint of an unexpected CMBS operation or a brake application. Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for the 2020 CR-V are official communications between Honda & their dealerships that describe processes for troubleshooting or fixing certain common problems. 18 BACK UP (10A) and No. But the CR-V’s alternator can sometimes over or under charge the battery, reducing its performance either way. (Alle Werte nach 1999/94/EG.) There's no need to go far, AutoMD got complete files of bulletins and services information online just for you! You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. If you pull the No. Cal.). Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). All rights reserved. Maybe you're concerned you will soon. When the engine is running, the alternator charges the battery. The automaker has released a series of Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) with suggestions for … continue reading, The 2015 CR-V has widespread vibration problems that are so bad it's actually made some owners car-sick. The Accord has been assigned 1423 TSBs, the most of any Honda vehicle. The relay (part #39794-SDA) is a $9 part and an easy DIY repair. Leave one of these sitting a couple days and there's a good chance it won't start due to long-running issues parasitic drains and an ineffective battery charging system. 27 fuse (or it's blown), and turn the ignition to ON while leaving the No. Here’s a look at a couple other common problems in post-2010 CR-Vs. Service Bulletin Number: TAKATA_EMAIL TEM, Date of Bulletin: Dec 14, 2016 are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. Chrysler Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Lawsuit Proceeds, ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:WIRING:FUSES AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS, read stories from drivers who praise our work. Browse by Model. Two years later they released SB #14-071 titled _ Battery Management Software Update_. Over the years, Honda has released multiple technical service bulletins (TSB) outlining potential software fixes for battery problems. A TSB is issued by an automaker when there is a growing trend with an unanticipated problems. The best way to find out what's wrong with a vehicle is from the people who drive them. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Case No. American Honda is announcing a powertrain warranty extension as a result of a settlement of a class action captioned, Soto et al .v. A recently settled lawsuit is asking them to be upfront about the solution, too. The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) is a pro-consumer organization that researches auto safety issues & often compels the US government to do the right thing through lobbying & lawsuits. Not only do owner complaints help us rank vehicles by reliability, but they're often used to spark class-action lawsuits and warranty extensions. Honda Technical Service Bulletins. Even if there are symptoms, a manufacturer doesn't have to pick up the cost of a TSB repair if the car is out of warranty, though sometimes they do. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the US agency with the authority to conduct vehicle defect investigations & force recalls. Honda TSB 16-002 Make: Honda Number: 16-002 Date: 8/11/2017 Title: Starter Grinds Or Spins At Startup Models: 2013-2016 Accord EX; 2014-2016 Accord EX-L; 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid; 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid EX-L; 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid Touring; 2013-2016 Accord LX; 2014-2016 Accord LX-S; 2014 Accord Plug-In; 2013-2016 Accord Sport; 2013-2016 Accord Touring; 2013-2015 Crosstour EX; 2014 … Maybe you've experienced this problem. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of a clunking noise coming from the transmission mount. Whatever the reason, here's a handful of things you can do to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Both service bulletins describe an issue in the powertrain control module (PCM) where the proper charge mode for the battery is not selected when the vehicle is turned off. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2017-2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) on with the DTC P0441 (EVAP System Purge Flow Malfunction) stored. Battery problems have been a drain on Honda’s reliability for well over a decade. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Copyright Policy | Michael at Google+. In November of 2012, Honda released SB #12-041 titled The Battery is Dead and Needs Multiple Jump Starts. CR-V Parasitic Drains and Battery Charging Problems, The electronic parking (EPB) is applied within 3 to 4 seconds of the vehicle being shut off, or…, The EPB switch is held for a 3 to 4 second duration when the vehicle is off. A parasitic drain is when an electrical component continues to draw power from the battery even after the vehicle is turned off. Read More », Dealer message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2019-2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of the front door runchannel being distorted or loose. Your account has been created and you are now signed in. In TSB #17-032, titled Parasitic battery draw from VSA modulator (vehicle will not start), Honda says the VSA software logic may not shut down correctly when: The VSA modulator will continue to draw 350mA of power after the vehicle is shut off. Read More », "Servicenews article - After shutting off the engine, you may hear certain noises coming from the vehicle. Unfortunately this TSB only applies to a specific VIN range of 2017 CR-Vs. TrueDelta is not affiliated with any car manufacturer or their trademarks. Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2019-2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of a B-pillar garnish loose, warped, bowed or set too high. is a free site dedicated to uncovering problem trends and informing owners about potential issues with their cars. Make TSB Number TSB Title; Honda: 04-068: Grinding Noise When Opening Or Closing A Front Window: Honda: 04-069: Middle Row Seat Will Not Unlatch: Honda: 04-070 There's growing concern that some sort of electrical overstress is messing with airbag control units (ACU) in certain Honda vehicles. ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons (some beyond our control) cannot guarantee you will receive them. Honda TSB 17-040 Make: Honda Number: 17-040 Date: 5/20/2017 Title: Vibration While Driving Under Light Acceleration After Software Update Models: 2012-2014 CR-V EX; 2014 CR-V EX-L; 2012-2014 CR-V LX; Summary: Service bulletin - a surge, vibration, or judder may be felt while driving under light acceleration. Read More », Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2019-2020 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of the front door runchannel being distorted or loose. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer. Even a slight draw can empty the battery if left unattended for a couple days. We are 106,000+ car owners sharing real-world car information. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Component: Air Bags. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. There can be errors in the text. It’s not just parasitic drains that are killing off CR-V batteries. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are recommended steps and procedures for repairing vehicles.

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