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Collaborations and the benefits of those collaborations are a lot more visible on a platform like YouTube, but for some, getting the same success on Instagram with similar tactics may come across as impossible, or unlikely. I have absolutely no idea how to respond… Any tips or suggestions PSSST -> Here are our best tips for repurposing content, we know you want them!! Heck, you could even do an Instagram Stories advertisement if you wanted to give that a crack. Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing you on our blog and Instagram in the future! Working with bigger companies does not always spell a pay check. Check out more IG Tips here! If not, it can come across as pure advertisement, you can lose followers, and it can fail for the company as well. Rather than finding someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, focus on finding a brand influencer that has a similar style and aesthetic to you and your business. You need to pick someone that works well with your products and your business. You need to manage your collaborations very carefully and listen to your gut. Filed Under: How to Make Money, Instagram, Instagram Tips. Sometimes an early Instagram collaboration can build a bridge to an ongoing lucrative relationship. are virtual market days. When looking for bloggers or brand influencers to work with, you need to make sure their style and personality will work with your brand and that you have a similar amount of followers. It’s easier than you think. It looks way more professional! Well, in our experience, the best way to start out a collaboration is to approach someone with a flipp’n amazing idea. Good evening. It is one of our favorite posts too. a magazine. This is how you gain experience. Thank you for for reading our blog. Such a fantastic read filled with so much honesty and inspiration. How To Use Content on Different Social Channels. For example, if you’re a local hairdressing salon and you know a local (incredibly sweet + kind) blogger you could tee up a competition where one of their followers could win a pamper day at the salon WITH the blogger so that they can meet in person and have fun. Many thanks to both of you , Thank you Keri, What a nice response. We’ve walked away from plenty of negotiations, and you will too. We’ve written many blog posts about all aspects of Instagram, Instagram Help is Here, A Round-Up Just For You and covered the basics like etiquette, Instagram Etiquette and how to create a successful account Instagram Success Checklist | Are You Making the Most of IG? Contact the blogger or brand influencer you would like to work with via e-mail. We each have our niche and our forte. t’s about so much more than the small product received. For example, in the past you would never see a small feed listed on the Explore page. Basically, it’s up to you, but it’s a very good idea to have the following in place: So, obviously, this will look different for everyone. So happy to hear this. This makes us so happy! So the benefits include potential for future work. This is also when people get frustrated because they want a cut and dried answer, and there is none. Why would a company choose someone with small influence? liking, commenting, and sharing on a regular basis. I can't even begin to explain how many types of collaborations you can host with a blogger or brand influencer. and how to create your own brand. Ideally, you’d also share what each other business is offering on your Stories or grid throughout the day so that you all can get your products in front of new audiences. We charge $200 an hour for individualized consulting of this nature because we just don’t have the time for all the inquiries. Most early collaborations are with small companies with little to no marketing budgets. Now, to the drawing board…. Required fields are marked *. Jodie and I sure do. Omg you ladies continue to blow me away with your business advice! We love to hear that we are succeeding at explaining. We wish there was a simple answer to this, but unfortunately no we don’t have a list. Blessings, Denise, Your kind reply means so much to us! Phew! ??? I actually approached them via (invitation is on their IG account) regarding a collaboration with them but being VERY new at the marketing side of my work, I didn’t realise quite how it worked. Ask yourself, how much do you want to work with this company? Some blogs are hard to read/understand. Time is money. Because each blogger works their business differently in terms of choosing and styling products, posting on Instagram, and of course, everybody's favorite topic, payment, that means each collaboration can differ. Would love to take a photography class. There is a general rule of thumb that a post on Instagram is worth roughly $5-$10 for every 1000 followers. There’s just no other way around it. With gratitude, Julie & Jodie, Thank you for this informative article… hope it will help me move forward with my journey. It was very informative I wondered whether you had any advice for checking whether a company seeking a collab is legitimate or not? I just reached my 1k mark and am very excited about that. I loved this. We love to hear that you are finding the help you need to take your Instagram business to the next level. I know as a business owner with a full plate the time commitment this could take might be prohibitive…Wishing you good luck and great success along your journey. The Design Twins | DIY Home Decor Inspiration Blog. It is why we are here! Wishing you all great things on your journey. You always know exactly what I need! The first 1000 followers is by far the toughest so hang in there and enjoy the process. We’d love to chillax with. Keen to get started? This means communicate in a timely fashion, and follow through on all agreements. You must absolutely reach for your dreams and everything is possible. Thank you for your kind support. Be true to yourself, be kind in your negotiations, and trust your gut. Well, that's not exactly how it works. Sometimes an instagram collaboration can be stressfull but most of the time it’s so much fun and a great way to to improve your teamwork and collaboration skills. Wishing you great success, Julie & Jodie, Our Pleasure Daniela! Collaborate with a brand influencer to get beautiful photos that you can share everywhere and get their followers to notice your brand in however the blogger decides to share your photos. Take an hour to hang around on Instagram and see who you would like to collaborate with. Over 1,000 followers (this is a guideline only but shows you’ve started to build). This definitely pointed me in a direction. In order to further help we would need all the particilars and in-depth knowledge of the company, what they are asking for etc. I’m an artist who paints canvases with testpots from a very well known company in New Zealand. We are working on an online Instagram course as well, so stay tuned for that to come soon. This is such great knowledge to have. Take that photography class, buy that digital camera, and set your sights higher. XO ~ Julie & Jodie. Wondering where your Instagram Stories fall in all of this? I struggle to grow on Instagram and appreciate the information. building relationships with the company for potential future paying collabs, you have to pay taxes on everything you receive, so it’s not “free”, companies think they can pay you in product, so the product which you have to pay taxes on and which you may not even need or want is given to you INSTEAD of payment. Lauren, It’s a fun journey, but a tough one! Bend when you want to bend. Blessings, Julie & Jodie, Great post ladies! It could even lead to a round 2 of the collection in the future… woohoo!

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