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Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. This is where you share announcements and basically inform them the purpose of the whole event. Despite the challenging circumstances, my colleagues in WHO and I are inspired by your resilience, and by your commitment to contribute to the COVID-19 response in your local communities and beyond. Essay on Role of Youths in Nation Building. Since it’s your 12th standard and after your board exams you will bid adieu to us, I considered it as an appropriate moment to exchange a few words which will stay with you for your lifetime. Today I’d like to join Mrs Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s Director-General, as we recognize young people, youth-organisations, and youth-networks … Simply put, empowering young people and ensuring their participation at all levels will help them shape a better and more equitable future for us all. Our future is their future. Similarly, other spheres too require young blood and dynamic brains to bring innovation to the world. We all should understand this fact that today’s youth is our only hope for tomorrow and we owe a sense of responsibility towards them, i.e. You might be interested in youth speech examples. It is only by harnessing the biggest treasure we are blessed with – our youth – that we can build a much better world for each one of us. Welcome Speech on International Youth Day Good morning to all of you and please be seated! You need to make sure your audience will be able to remember you after the speech. to guide them, nurture them and show them the right path. Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman – Welcome to the 99th gathering of our Jan Uthan Convoy! However, when I observe young people around whiling away their time in useless things, I feel a strong urge to correct their behavior and make them utilize their time wisely. The challenges you are facing at the moment will appear small tomorrow and you will become better with the passing time. You must be able to deliver all the important information without making the speech a one hour long. Speech on Youth 2. However, do not pressure them, pressuring them is way different from motivating them. How do you make a welcome speech that students will remember for the rest of the school year? So if our youth will remain healthy, then they can put their best efforts in working for their country. You may also like thank-you speech examples & samples. How many times do we get an opportunity to look back, learn from our faults and decide how to move ahead? Remember to end you speech in a positive way. Practice delivering your speech in front of the mirror that way you can see the way deliver your speech. It is an awareness day which was started by the United Nations. Speech by Lizbeth Cullity on the commemoration of International Youth Day 12 August 2015 in Samoa. Since I have been working for the upliftment of our youth from past 10 years and am actively involved with them too, my today’s topic for speech is on youth only. Do not worry or apologize if you “mess up.” Chances are the audience did not even notice. Send International Youth Day messages and inspiring quotes to all the young souls around you to motivate them to work for a brighter and happier future. [This is a Welcome Speech sample format on International Youth Day. It is important for them to draw a lesson from the past, remain vigilant in the present and live with a hope of seeing a better future – a future which will be brighter and more promising for the coming generation. Writing a draft ensures that you have included all the information you need to deliver. Nowadays, the world is changing rapidly and over the past few years social media have caused tremendous social, political and lifestyle changes. Our younger generation is in no way less than the youth of foreign countries and has a lot of potential to make our country shine globally. Therefore, my advice for today is never lay waste your youth and use it to your optimum capacity. Some students already dread going to school, make sure you make them feel like school and studying is not a bad thing and that all the effort and sacrifices are all going to be worth it in the end. Finally, and most importantly, to young adults around the world, I say:  Think big and be bold. All they need is right direction and be given the right opportunities to excel or showcase their potential. Sample speech on international youth day. The youth should apply their brain, creativity, strength and skills to bring a meaningful change in our society and enable it to function in the best manner possible. You can do this by giving successful examples of famous people or people that are also familiar to them. So what better than adopting writing itself as a profession? How can you convey a good message if you do not understand it? I take immense pleasure to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to deliver a speech on the importance of Children’s Day. It is our youth and only youth who can sow the seeds of growth and progress and become the backbone of the nation so that the foundation for a bright future based on principles and morals could be laid down. © I take immense pleasure to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to deliver a speech on the importance of Children’s Day. Youth means someone who has zest of life in him, someone with thirst of knowledge and passion to excel in life. I, Sanjay Khandelwal – the senior active member of our group, am your host for today. After you have written your draft, read and reread it, internalize and make sure you understand your objective so that you can effectively convey it to your audience. The world today possesses the largest population of youth in history and I vest immense hope in their ability to shape their nation’s future. That is why I am calling on young people to speak out – and I am urging leaders to listen.”. Globally, economical exclusion and youth unemployment are the main challenges. Importance of Children’s Day Speech 7. /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ Speak clearly. A welcome speech along with some announcements from your principal will be blasted through your school’s PA system. We know that young individuals have the ability to explore unknown boundaries and give the world great innovation and artistic creations. Besides intellectual studies, physical education is also must because without a sound health they cannot have a sound mind. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.] You might be interested in orientation speech examples & samples. Before addressing the matter related to youth, let’s first understand the fabric of our society. Second, we have to give young people a much larger role in political decision-making. During the first day of classes, you will most definitely hear a speech from your principal or teachers. I hope you are able to relate with what I am saying and will remember my words forever. At WHO, we are working with young people so that we can better understand their needs and concerns, as we develop our guidance for COVID-19 and other health issues. The celebration was held at the 'Home and Away' grounds in … Make sure you pronounce and articulate your words properly. This way when you read a specific word in your cue card you will immediately remember what comes next. She has been the secretary general of the youth club from past 20 years and has been actively involved in the rehabilitation camp of her club and is also associated with our Jan Uthan Convoy. Especially when students have a high tendency of not listening and not minding when a speech is being delivered. Yet too often, across the world, the opportunities for young people to engage politically, economically and socially are limited. Metaphorically speaking, every society is like a bundle of flowers where the beauty of each flower is important to be able to make the entire bouquet of flowers look brilliant. Well, some opportunities remain for the lifetime. Esteemed colleagues and friends, The theme of International Youth Day this year is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’. Irrespective of what you want to become in life – a doctor, engineer, teacher, sculptor, actor, etc; you should never shirk away from putting your best of efforts in anything you do. We would like to help prepare young people for their important roles in the future, as health emergencies and disease outbreaks may become even more common. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. For all this to take shape, it is important that our youth concentrate on their studies first and educate themselves well because it is only education that will empower them and help them build the future of our country. I would also like to thank my team members for giving me this wonderful opportunity to stand in front of you all and address this pertinent issue. Before anything else, you must be prepared. YOUTH DAY SPEECH . To help you make and structure an effective welcome speech, here is a list of the parts your speech must have: You may also see appreciation speech examples & samples. HÜPùœ/‚Å“¯Û”Fæ´T'¶—eÁ~™Î ‚¶LÉ>”ô¯s;K�s“Ú*ˆmbuÕ2´ And if young people are imparted strong moral values, excellent education and are given the gift of good health, then nothing can stop that nation from reaching great heights of success. Do not stare at the floor, the ceiling, the window, door or on an empty space. google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; Other efforts include developing apps to collate COVID-19 guidance from reputable sources, and running surveys to gather behavioral insights to better inform public health response strategies. I welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of our Rashtriya Abhivyakti Group. A welcome speech is the first speech to formally open an event therefore it should be warm and friendly, not intimidating and lecturing. If you have been given the assignment of delivering a welcome speech weeks or even days before the event, you have enough time to do a research. After you write your short greeting, you can start introducing yourself to the audience. 2020 As the Secretary - General of the United Nations highlighted in his message for the 2015 International Youth Day: “No one knows better than them the issues at stake or the best way to respond. And, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of our country to work towards strengthening the base of our society. Your voice and engagement are needed more than ever, particularly as the world responds to this unprecedented crisis. The generation of today or the youth in present times is growing up in an insecure and unpredictable environment. You may also check out special occasion speech examples & samples. If you must use a manuscript, do not stare at it. Today I’d like to join Mrs Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s Director-General, as we recognize young people, youth-organisations, and youth-networks around the world for their collective action during COVID-19. You may also check out leadership speech examples & samples. But do not fret, this guide will help you deliver an iconic welcome speech. So let’s recognize such talent and help them come forward and speak their hearts out so that no stone remains unturned in realizing their true potential. In order to make a society progressive and dynamic, young people should be made an essential part of it. There are discrepancies at many levels in terms of opportunities, power and wealth. It is well said that time is money as whosoever knows to make a judicious use of time goes really far in life and reaches pinnacle of success. In addition, practicing your speech days before the event will also help you familiarize your speech better and you can detect if your voice quality and intonation is good or not. But if that very youth becomes corrupt, the fate of that nation is bound to be in darkness. You can also follow this format as a Welcome Speech of International youth day activities or International youth day theme. We count on you for your creativity and your fresh ideas. You may also like presentation speech examples & samples. You may also check out dedication speech examples.

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