is grey a colour or a tone

pure Hue or mixture of pure colors with only Black. • For instance, darkening a color by adding black can cause colors such as yellows, reds and oranges to shift toward the greenish or bluish part of the spectrum. In other words, it remains exactly the same color, only a paler version. L Some of the more recent uniforms of the German Army and East German Army were field grey, as were some uniforms of the Swedish army. But be extremely careful. S What if a color is truly an in-between Tertiary  such as a Yellow/Green where neither Yellow nor Green dominate? ′ The spelling "gray" (with an “a”) is more common in American English. {\displaystyle B} {\displaystyle G'} Instead of White to mix a Tint, they use  other pale neutral pigments such as Titanium or Titan Buff. P The 'HUE Colors' are mixed colors that imitate a pure Hue, but never mix well. [16] According to the site of the magazine Scientific American, "Generally speaking, among Caucasians 50 percent are 50 percent grey by age 50. When lightening a color this hue shift can be corrected with the addition of a small amount of an adjacent color to bring the hue of the mixture back in line with the parent color (e.g. {\displaystyle Y'_{w}} , and Grey was the color of the uniforms of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, and of the Prussian Army for active service wear from 1910 onwards. But I still have the grey towel holder that was never put up. They are complex, subtle and sophisticated. R w Franciscan friars in England and Scotland were commonly known as the grey friars, and that name is now attached to many places in Great Britain. If mixed using correct pigment complementaries, yes, it is a colour as it will interact with other colours in a design. Tone is a color term commonly used by painters. The broader definition defines tone as a result of mixing a pure color with any neutral/grayscale color including the two extremes white and black. I reason like this: there is no hue in gray, so it's not a colour. The whiteness or darkness of clouds is a function of their depth. , All are spelled gray, using the spelling grey can cause errors. Whistler's arrangement of tones of grey had an effect on the world of music, on the French composer Claude Debussy. ′ Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favorite color. It was also the color worn by Cistercian monks and friars of the Franciscan and Capuchin orders as a symbol of their vows of humility and poverty. To be precise, this definition considers Gray as truly neutral. It's very common, even with artists and designers to assume the two mean the same thing. [24] Grey was not chosen for its camouflage value; this was not appreciated for several more decades; but because the South did not have a major dye industry and grey dyes were inexpensive and easy to manufacture. In 1894, Debussy wrote to violinist Eugène Ysaÿe describing his Nocturnes as "an experiment in the combinations that can be obtained from one color – what a study in grey would be in painting. Since there are an even (256, including black and white) number of unsaturated tones of grey, there are two grey tones straddling the midpoint in the 8-bit greyscale. In the photo below, look at the colors themselves without thinking of them as wool.

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