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"One day I heard one of my customers asking for jhol momo. Do bear with us. ), but something would be missing. First up: ceramics. So it wouldn't take long for some other New York legend (you know, like a Mario Batali) to come along and open a competing restaurant offering the exact same menu — plus hot dogs. 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"I never thought of jhol momo because I thought our varieties of momos were enough for customers," said Mohan Baruwan, the owner of the 10-year-old restaurant. Now, if Mario Batali and I could only join forces... Jhol momo is a Nepalese street food that has finally made it to America, thanks to the owners of Momochai in Woodside, Queens. DEEEELISH momos here. Throughout Asia, you will find some or the other variant of the dumpling soup. What Are You Taking Into The Post-Pandemic World? Nepali style. But Shrestha's simple menu change started a restaurant revolution. Located in the Saraga grocery store on Morse, we had Johl Momos, Tibetan Momos, Choila and Thukpa on a Saturday afternoon. "We were looking for something which could click with customers," said Shrestha, the Mario Batali in this extended culinary metaphor. Entering A World That Inspired Studio Ghibli Films. Cheese Momo: For the cheesy and calorific, there is our cheese momo, which is made with special mozzarella cheese mixed with aromatic vegetables, and served with our special garlic chilli mayo sauce. Category: Momo Special. A local Nepalese journalist, Ang Kami Sherpa, did a Facebook Live video on Feb. 7 about the jhol momo at Shrestha's restaurant. Add to cart. Jhol Momo – Lamb $ 13.99. Please accept the Terms & Conditions in order to proceed. Cabbage and Paneer Momo: Of course, we can’t our own desi cottage cheese. If you want to experience the ultimate soupy momo, order a plate during winter. Jhol MoMo. Tibetan noodles. "To be honest with you, I was skeptical about jhol momo," said Mohan Gyanu Thapa, an owner of Hamro Bhim's Café in Jackson Heights and a friend of Shrestha's. "People came from California, Virginia, Washington, D.C., to try our jhol momo," she said. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But take it from a guy who downed four plates of jhol momo at Momochai the other night, these anti-jhol counter-revolutionaries are on the wrong side of history. JHOL MO:MO now open. Add an extra zing to it by topping it up with some chilly sauce. $8.49 - $8.99 Thukpa (Noodle Soup) Thukpa is a Himalayan noodle soup, cooked with meat or veggies of your choice.Variants: Chicken | Pork . Soups with dumplings, rice and noodles are considered a wholesome meal in Asia and are becoming increasingly popular among the younger people all over the world who want a comforting and complete meal without making too much of an effort. Let me reiterate — again: This is the equivalent of me going thousands of miles out of my way for a hot dog. Jhol Momo (Soupy) Steamed momos covered in soupy curry.Variants: Chicken | Pork | Veg. So let's go over that again: Opening a Nepalese momo restaurant in New York City and not selling jhol momo would be the same as if I, an inveterate New Yorker, opened "Gersh Kuntzman's New York City Food Restaurant" in downtown Kathmandu and sold burgers, French fries, shakes, knishes, pretzels, but no hot dogs. Thapa says she sells around 200 plates of momo daily — 75% of which are jhol momo. "Look, we don't sell that Nepali momo," sniffed Rakshya, a manager at Himalayan Yak, a venerable Tibetan restaurant on Roosevelt Ave. "We are going to stick to the Tibetan momo.". 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Momochai co-owner Januka Shrestha started serving jhol momo — and started a revolution in Queens. A classic introduction to Mumbai's Deco delights. And to paraphrase Robert Frost, that has made all the difference in the world of Himalayan momo in Queens. You can try your choice of dumplings in Momo King’s special customizations. Jhol momo are here to stay. Masala Chicken Momo: For pious non-vegetarians, we have our succulent chicken dumplings infused with special Nepalese herbs. Purchase this product now and earn 14 Points! The shop also offers some of the finest books, zines, and other publications as well as design, style, travel and gift products by both upcoming and established Indian designers and brands. The Jhol Momo: Why Dip When You Can Dunk? So let's go over that again: Opening a Nepalese momo … Soup Momo gives you the heartiness of a home-cooked meal and keeps you filled for a long night. Our assortment of MoMo are made from locally-thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, followed by our family recipes for an authentic and unique taste, these protein packed, more than a bite size MoMo are served with signature homemade sauces. Fried Momo – Chicken Onions, garlic and Himalayan spices wrapped in dough and deep-fried. Served with hot dalle chilli tomato chutney. Nepali dishes! It did more than click. The real taste of JHOL MO:MO & famous Asan Lassi finally in Dharan. Jhol momo — hot dumplings with a cold sesame, garlic, tomato and onion broth — remained in the homeland. 11 Hand-Painted Ceramics To Cheer Up Your Day, Anupama Chandrasekaran On Her 6 Favourite Podcasts. India: 011 41417811   |   Malaysia: +6013-601 1000. Jhol momo — hot dumplings with a cold sesame, garlic, tomato and onion broth — remained in the homeland. Paper Planes features quality stories by leading writers and journalists. After falling in love with the films, a virtual tour of Japan is the ideal next step, A wave of thrift shops on Instagram are democratising eco-conscious and vintage fashion, A curated list of planters, plates, mugs, and egg trays for you, The podcaster behind the fantastic Desi Stones and Bones shares her favourite podcasts, We asked leading Indian creatives to share the one thing they’re holding on to even when this is all over, The host of Designed This Way tells us the “best Indian podcast” to listen to, plus other favourites on food, relationships, and more, Not spam! We prefer it during winter or monsoon. Paper Planes is an online publication and an e-commerce platform, focused on design, lifestyle, and culture in India. 3) Momo Mantra YUM! If you want to experience the ultimate soupy momo, order a plate during winter. In this case, the dish is momo, a hot Himalayan dumping that is a staple in the Nepalese and Tibetan community in Queens. There, momo in broth — known as jhol momo — are as ubiquitous a street food as hot dogs and pretzels are in New York City. I am a businessman, so I quickly started jhol momo.". "But when I found out about my friend's success, we started it, too.". Please enter your username or email address. Our Care Guides take a closer look at common materials and offer good-to-know tips on looking after them. Momo in soup. But in January, a momo seller named Januka Shrestha did something radical: She took her normal momo and covered them in cold broth. In places like Myanmar, Tibet and Vietnam, you will find the traditional Khao suey or thukpa- which is their signature noodle soup. Tibetan style. It is located at Pulchowk and Durbarmarg. Paper Planes’ online shop is well known for its curation of independent print magazines from around the world. Soybean Momo: Veg-only but no compromise on the protein? Jhol Momo - Lamb quantity. I thought, 'If I don't sell this, my business might suffer.' Shrestha's move will sound downright pedestrian to anyone who has spent any time in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Soup momo is a dish with steamed momo immersed in a clear broth- satisfying your appetite and fortifying your mood. You’ll also find commentary, interviews, long-form pieces, and recommendations on books, design, style, food and culture across the website. Come & enjoy … Another Jackson Heights restaurant, Namaste Tashi Delek, says its business is up 50% because of the jhol momo. JHOL MO:MO Dharan, Dharan, Nepal. 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