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Thriving in today’s digital economy requires agility throughout your organization. Aside all the beautiful answers given above, I would like to share my experience using Portfolio; for a lack of better word, portfolio is redundant. atlassian.com/align. Issues can be dragged & dropped to link them together, with restrictions set up to prevent incorrect linking. Reporting is specifically tailored to executive needs, so that information can be delivered up to the highest levels accurately, quickly, and regularly. Atlassian recommends organizations looking at scaled Agile examine Align. As an example, Jira Align offers a Program Room of the ART for Release Train Engineers and Program Managers, showing the progress of the Program Increment. This comparison explains the thing: https://softwareplant.com/bigpicture-jira-align-portfolio-aha/. Able to define and manage project RISK and ISSUE status and workflow to identify, track, mitigate and resolve potential risks and active issues facing the project. Color coding and icons are used heavily to convey complex information at a glance in many places. Individual items can be opened to view, edit, drill into, and resolve issues (blocks, etc.). Overall support from Jira team is good. It usually is paired with some coaching, based on the organization’s maturity on scaling journey. Git is a trademark of Software Freedom Conservancy and our use of 'GitLab' is under license. Portfolio for Jira and Jira Align both help you visualize your work, plan for the future, and track progress along the way. Number of concurrent Jira instances supported, Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), Lean Startup, Spotify, LeSS, Value Engineering, Scrum@Scale, hybrid or custom frameworks. Read on to find out which of these tools are right for you! And the Atlassian Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) tools provide integration to other tools that we use in our portfolio. Can my business use both Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align at the same time? however i have just seen JIRA Align .... not wanting to make a mistake when acquiring tooling... what are the differences? To thrive in this dynamic environment you need agility throughout your organization. Time Tracking in GitLab lets your team add estimates and record time spent on issues and merge requests. Seibert provides several hosting options. With Jira Align, modern organizations can: make all work visible Thank you! Able to support the time-boxed (sprint) approach of the Agile -Scrum software delivery. This change is visible in the issue itself and the Program Board. Existing objects can also be added separately or in bulk. Selecting the sprint number opens the daily stand-up meeting window in which each team member's tasks are visible and hours can be burned against them. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Align-articles/Get-to-know-Jira-Align-FAQ/ba-p/1167347. How do I learn if Jira Align is right for my organization? Able to support test planning, definition of test cases, results of test execution and corresponding backlog of work resulting from failed tests. You can host also host Agile Hive on-premises; Seibert can provide you with a virtual appliance, which can be quickly and easily imported into your VMWare virtualization solution. What is the difference between JIRA Align and JIRA Portfolio? Buying Project Management software is confusing. Is Jira Align or Portfolio for Jira better for my needs? The support is available throughout the year and they keep a record of your issues. Burn-down and burn-up reports are displayed on the screen at once, for PIs, displaying the current progress for features and stories. Provides access to a Program room, a master view of the work and status of the program, and the PIs that make it up. Backlog data can be optionally pushed to Jira. It has some reports and stuff, but this is the main functionality. The columns detail the individual sprints of the teams working on the PIs (displayed as Cadences in the dashboard). It can also be a challenge to maintain Lean Agile principles (i.e., reducing WIP, managing flow), while attempting to scale within the organization. Foster innovation Or Does Jira Align replace Jira? . Jira Align provides Portfolio Managers with the real-time tools they need: Jira Align is the only platform purposely built for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeTM). Specific features would include: workflow, risk severity, risk priority, Assigning Risk/Issue for action, Risk/Issue status. The following table provides a comparison of features. See how work is progressing at various levels of your business, predict when work will be done, and easily spot if work is falling off track. (mass add). Atlassian offers both a Cloud and on-premise solution; the Cloud version doesn't offer many customizations and plugins that are present on the on-prem (server) version. Also supports all scaling agile methodologies, so that it becomes easier to align your organization’s agile development practices. Stories can be added to Jira Align and written back to Jira after all appropriate info is added. Functionally, Jira Align is capable of supporting hundreds to thousands of users at multiple levels within an organization. Share the status of work with stakeholders both horizontally and vertically in your organization. We’ve got your back. Jira Align integrates with Jira in several ways: Jira Align provides multiple meeting scheduling and facilitation tools that can be utilized by all team members: estimation games, iteration planning, daily standup, iteration review, iteration retrospective. Able to model and optimize different portfolio investment scenarios to determine the ideal funding combinations to meet strategic priorities. Solution Management: Actively manage backlogs of capabilities with Kanban and WSJF prioritization. The term 'Issues in Epic' on the Jira side equates to 'Work Items' in Jira Align, linked as 'Related Items.'. Swimlanes and columns can be configured as needed. With Requirements Management you are able to gather, document, refine, and track approval of business and system requirements. Stories can be split in Jira Align when work needs to be broken up. - you can do "what if" scenarios to calculate what happens to your schedule (e.g. Your IT department will be responsible for the operation, will be responsible for the maintenance and the initial analysis of reported errors or malfunctions in day-to-day operations. Jira Align is an enterprise agile planning and management tool designed help large organizations adopt agile planning and execution. With metrics and scorecards that provide transparency into what the teams are actually working on, Jira Align will save a considerable amount of time and have it all in one solution. We are just deciding as a company to take on JIRA Portfolio to add to our existing compliment of tools. It gives Sr. Executives visibility into the progress of our digital transformation efforts. Provides planning poker games, allowing teams to estimate, compare, and set the estimates (Level of Effort/Value) for delivery of stories in a gamified format. Cprime transforms businesses with consulting, managed services, and custom solutions that keep us engaged with clients for true, lifetime value. It’s about organic growth from Jira, Targeted at 1K + orgs We are now looking at JIRA Align at a high level and to introduce some of the strategy tracking capability. Enterprise agility is the bridge that spans both technical delivery and business (planning) teams. *The information provided on this comparison page and downloadable resource reference only the functionality available in Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Server and Data Center version 3.14 and later. Speed concept to cash It also allows for a comprehensive view of resource allocation across projects, and visibility into inefficiencies and gaps that can be quickly resolved. Dependency visualization can be toggled on or off. Colors can be set for card types. There is a bi-directional push/pull sync of data between the two systems, which are not fully integrated. Jile is ranked 13th in Enterprise Agile Planning Tools while Jira Align is ranked 16th in Enterprise Agile Planning Tools. Atlassian recently made a number of UI changes to both JIRA and Confluence. Visualize multiple parent and child epics across time in a Roadmap view to gain insight into how your portfolio of work is progressing. Agile Hive may be hosted by Seibert or in your own Data Center.

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