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Your website is always a must check before doing any climbs. The Lake Mountains house radio towers for several radio stations serving the Provo area. The translator is now used as a rebroadcast of KJMY's HD-2 stream through a loophole in FCC rules. The day yesterday was beautiful – sunny and crisp and the ride a delight – the descent awesome as you had time to take in the views (until the last steep 4.5km). I just checked the road a couple weeks ago and there was a sign for Israel canyon on the highway. (change country). Regarding gearing, Matt makes it pretty clear…it’s a mountain with a Macedon South esq start!! Snow looks good. And having a decent bike this time. Just a reminder guys, this is the Lake Mountain trip reports thread. I didn't see the Stillwater Drive so thank you for that information. [3], Lake Mountain is a popular destination for road cyclists due to the challenging climbs up to the resort. Monday 5th. As the road escapes from the tree line the gradient decreases and is only altered by the briefly-steeper sections at 17.8km, 19.2km and 20.3 km. Do you know that we’ve got a big group heading out there this Saturday for the 7 Peaks Domestique Series? Rising sharply out of the fire-affected town of Marysville, the first 4.5km of this climb ascend at a painful 8% before a more gentle gradient takes you to the summit. I reckon the folks at Lake Mountain need to get their act together lol. They were brilliant. The typical average list prices of Bald Mountain Lake homes for sale is $390,000. I find Arthur’s Seat harder. I still can’t get over the sight of all those dead trees as far as the eye could see. This ride was approx 110km / 2,500m of climbing / 4hrs 30mins riding time for anyone that’s interested. It wasn’t particularly hot, but it must have been hot enough, with the road surface just “new” enough and also I must have been going just slow enough to pick up molten tar and gravel on both tyres, to the point where I had a ~3-inch wide “donut” of tar and gravel around my back wheel/tyre. Only the toilets are open. A harsh way to learn but next time I will carry a jacket and gloves. As for passports, I’m honestly not sure. In addition to this, a ride from Melbourne to Lake Mountain return is well over 200km, a very long day by anyone’s standards. Me and my riding buddies are starting to plan some of the next 6 already, now that we’ve put one away it’s not so daunting ! That I completed the climb at all, slowly and jarringly, was a shock, really. But the resort staff are most likely following instructions from management to discourage skiing (with no patrols). I put that down to me being fitter than the previous times. [citation needed] Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is an Unincorporated area of Victoria surrounded by the Shire of Murrindindi. A further 500m into the climb a sweeping left-hand bend sees the road tilt upward again, remaining that way for several kilometres. Several minor dirt roads also cross the southern end of the range, with Soldiers Pass Road being the most prominent. Great description of the Lake Mountain climb, I did it yesterday for the first time with a 6pm start from Marysville and despite the initial tough start (initial cadence was 45 using standard gears until the 4.5km mark) was a dream climb. The website has finally changed to say that it's open from the 3rd. I had previously climbed Lake Mountain from the reefon side that was difficult, nearly a constant 40 km climb with a short decent near the end of it. Even Donna Buang has a toilet block (or two!) There are great markers all they way up for cyclists that detail how far you have come and the gradient. I repeated the ride last weekend when it was fine and sunny and much more enjoyable – an added challenge is to run up to the top of the tower two steps at a time (not much of a challenge for me because I am actually a runner rather than a cyclist). Resort Update issued at 9:44 on Monday 5/10/2020 i’m looking forward to coming back and trying some of the other rides. The climb that started so painfully finishes rather innocuously as the road opens out into a massive carpark at the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Personally i found Mt Donna Buang a lot harder, that’s more a constant climb with no relief except for a 500m break at Cement Creek turnoff. I have a question though, but more about the 7 peaks than the ride itself. If you are timing your ascent, start your watch as soon as you turn onto the Marysville Woods Point Road (C512). Find 73 photos of the 48 Mohawk Mountain Rd home on Zillow. Having just come back from the peninsula, and doing arthurs seat circuits, I thinks it’s time to give lake mountain a crack. As you drive down (or up) I-15 between Provo and Orem, most of your attention is taken by the high peaks known as the Wasatch front. after riding Donna Buang last weekend. It started to rain at 8kM, by 10kM I was soaked and to round off the day, at 15kM it snowed, my pic’s are the polar of yours and sitting in my study now looking out the window at the sunshine I’m starting to wonder if it was all a strange dream. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. This is a 12km warm up which I found out includes around 2km at 10-12%. You may also notice water running just of the high side of the road in the last 3-4km of the climb. My advice beyond the above: make sure it’s not too hot when you go, and/or hope there hasn’t been any recent road resurfacing “attempts”! This felt slightly easier overall, notwithstanding the first 4.5km which are tough but manageable, or maybe it’s just my body getting into better shape for the big climbs.. (DB is relentless whereas this ride eases off after the first 4.5km and has flats and even a descent or two). This one at least provides excellent facilities both at the top and bottom of the climb for your achievement celebrations. Are the roads nice and quiet out that way? The drive from Healesville to Marysville through the Black Spur is one of Australia’s most breathtaking journeys with pristine old growth forest lining the road-side. I have climbed Lake Mountain from Reefton. So go prepared and make use of the local community shops, they need it. After the first burst the ride had little more to throw at you. Thanks again and I look forward to continuing to work my way through those climbs on your site that I am yet to conquer. Quick question ahead of the ride next month, how do the first four ks compare to Arthur’s seat? New Products Lake Mountain can be climbed from two sides: from Warburton (a grueling 40 kilometres (25 mi) climb up the Reefton Spur) or from Marysville, the more popular route. He romped up it – me, well I was a little slower! Lake Mountain. Providers include Rise Broadband, InnovativeAir, SenaWave, and Avative Fiber. Top drawer! This the today for the first time in <1h 11m from Marysville to the summit (stopping to pay). Not sure if I’m ready for it. Pty. The Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is situated in a saddle between Lake Mountain and Echo Flat and provides access to a 37 kilometres (23 mi) cumulative trail network through the surrounding Yarra Ranges National Park. Donna Buang can be completed without too much difficulty. There is a chat thread -, Mt Margaret is getting a cult the present rate it will surpass Lake Mt as the selected destination in the area....facilities minimal ....enjoyment factor maximal! I wanted to add a bit more on to my ride, rather than starting and finishing in Marysville. Since arriving back in Vic this week I’ve ridden the Humevale, Kinglake and Mt Macedon (Gisborne & Woodend sides) climbs all of which were very enjoyable. More recently Lake was the first to design and produce the MX 331 Cyclocross specific model and today it remains the “holy grail” of cyclocross shoes. Currently it has a construction permit to transmit in digital on RF channel 16, the former analog home of KUPX. KUTH filed an application with the FCC to move its transmitter to Farnsworth Peak which would leave only K43JV transmitting from the mountain.

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