lycanthropy 5e monster manual

The werewolf can use its action to polymorph into a wolf-humanoid hybrid or into a wolf, or back into its true form, which is humanoid. ©2020 Wizards. Their version of retreating, however, isn’t to Dodge, Dash or Disengage but rather to deliver a parting Multiattack action before backing off at full movement speed, without concern for any opportunity attack this may incur. (Hybrid Form Only). I can't see anything in the Monster Manual, under Lycanthropes, about a player not retaining the character. Therefore, the rogue weretiger (not to be confused with a weretiger rogue!) “Fending Off the Wolves” by ncorva, CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Its statistics, other than its AC, are the same in each form. Cunning and sly, wererats display greed and employ thievery. As for the Wereboar, I’m concerned about using its ability to Charge. It reverts to its true form if it dies. I'm gonna have to look onto this even more. Player Characters who become wererats keep their statistics but gain Dexterity of 15 (unless already higher), and attack and damage rolls for their natural weapons are based on Strength and Dexterity. Especially if the cursed creature is unaware of its condition, it might not remember the events of its transformation, though those memories often haunt a werebeast as bloody dreams” (Monster Manual, page 206). I haven't played DnD in a long while and I'm tying to get back into it but I'm having issues finding a group. These Lycanthropes are also often carriers of Filth Fever. I look at the stat blocks to see the combatant is capable of, but take the flavor text at it’s word when it comes to self-imposed limitations. They’ll scatter, but they won’t go far, and once one has found an advantageous hiding place, it will Ready an Attack action, shooting a crossbow bolt at any PC who passes before it—if there are multiple targets, favoring the ones carrying the magic or silvered weapons or casting the injurious spells. There is also a multitude of homebrew werebeasts, such as werebats, Dungeon Masters can throw into their campaigns. Wereboars live wildly in small familial groups in forests and sometimes ally themselves with orcs. The Monster Manual gives these guidelines: gain lycanthrope's speeds in nonhumanoid form, damage immunities, traits, and actions that don't involve equipment. How do they kill? Alone!”. Animal Form: See Bear statistics. The party needs to become Lycans to become immune to. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying isn't transformed. I have found that if I actually have the shapechangers shapechange in an encounter the PCs can wipe the floor with them. Using the Pounce action in its surprise round, the weretiger gets 15 to 30 feet of movement, a Multiattack action comprising two claw attacks, and a bite attack as a bonus action. Wererat lairs are often naturally fortified, so packs leave them undefended. Are there existing bounties for werebeasts in towns? How well-known are Lycanthropes to the population? If they say yes you then apply the changes it says to make if you have lycanthropy. I’m trying to hide a werewolf (or two) within this make-shift pack. Wererats don’t form intimate relationships beyond pack-mentality. ), or they are dynamic opponents, able to use their speed in wolf form and then turn into a hulking brute in the next turn. Weretigers live and hunt in isolation, sometimes in small family units, and travel to fringe societies for trade and entertainment. I just like the idea of having a character with a dark secret and the ability to turn into a wolf. Unlike most werebeast, Werebears can temper themselves and reject their hysterical bloodlust. Players who embrace the curse change their alignment to that of the werebeast. For the Pounce trait, the DC is 18 + character’s proficiency bonus + Strength modifier. And even if you can hurt it, while it might flee when injured in the wild (say, upon being reduced to 94 hp or fewer), it will fight to the death when defending its lair. Wait till I get to the mind flayer. It's a curse your character is either born with or gets. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20/60 ft., one creature. They’ll retreat after being moderately injured (reduced to 54 hp or fewer) by either of these types of weapon or seriously injured (reduced to 31 hp or fewer) by spells. Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, their respective logos, and all Wizards titles and characters are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. Is there a monster you’d like me to analyze that I haven’t looked at yet? A. Polymorph (the spell), reverts the user back to its previous hits before it transformed. As much as it can, it will use Stealth to avoid them and will fight back only against a single PC if the party splits up. Use the stat blocks of these foul fowl with the Pigeon Tactics on this blog! If its damaged in Wolf form, and it 'polymorphs' into hybrid form, do its HPs reset to maximum? How are different species of werebeasts treated. It provides a stat bonus, damage immunities, & a new form they can use. It's not the spell polymorph, so it doesn't follow the rules of the spell. Tigers are “solitary but social” animals: they hunt separately, but a group of female tigers may lair together. Werebears hardly travel away from home and are difficult to convince to migrate away. I think alimgent its up for interpertation for these Were-creatures a lot they don't all act the same way from one another. As long as it’s engaged in melee, it will continue to use its claw/claw Multiattack. Canonically, werebeasts assume several forms: werewolf, weretiger, werebear, wereboar, wererats, and the likes. As a hybrid, Lycanthropes stand on two feet, wield weapons, and are capable of speech. They never attack other werebears, and they often allow other werebears access to their fishing grounds, creating a sense of community. Natural-born werebeasts, who inherit their curse from an infected parent, can only have their curse removed with a Wish. When mortally wounded, they tend to fight even harder. Claws (Hybrid Form Only). That one’s a hot mess. However, solitary werebeasts may tend to err on the side of caution: “The more solitary versions, such as Werebear and Weretiger, are far less likely to establish a rapport with other animals, and are much more careful about passing on their curse. But suppose it’s not a rogue weretiger we’re talking about—suppose it’s a regular, I-just-wanna-be-left-alone weretiger that the PCs are hunting? The character is proficient with the lycanthrope's natural attacks, such as its bite or claws, which deal … I have a physical copy of the Monster Manual and a quick check confimmed that yes this is an officialenemy, and while not technically a race on its own there is a section that lets you play as a werewolf (also bear, rat, boar, or tiger).

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