marshall dsl 5 head

If you’ve payed a DSL 50 or 100 before, it does a great job with those tones at 1w. Headphones DSL. DSL’s are VERY high gain amps. Effects loop is present on this amp and works pretty decently considering the era and pricing of this amp. The look is typical marshall, but has much less class than the 800 series and other prior models. answered 15 May 2018 at 08:03 AM. I would take either the DSL5 or the DSL1 over a Marshall Origin 5. UTILIZATION The DSL 50 and DSL 100 were a departure of sorts from the … What about the Marshall DSL and Origin Heads? Unlike some hybrid valve amps, the Marshall DSL5C is all valve. Sergey Zvonarev (1) ... Marshall Support. asked 13 May 2018 at 09:50 AM. In terms of the heads both options are actually good! Specifications Power: 1W (tube) Features All Valve. Additions to the range include the DSL1 head and combos, which offer all-valve Marshall DSL tone in a smaller package, plus a DSL20 combo and head. The 20/5/1w versions don’t have the classic gain crunch mode, so all you have is the clean classic gain and the Ultra gain channel. What about the DSL5? There are two channels, an effects loop, footswitch, emulated output and Marshall’s classic tone. Marshall Hallo, and would it be possible to use the emulated line out connected to a headphone or to a PC, mixer or audio device, without disconnecting the external or internal speaker? I think it sounds great as does the DSL1 for the size and output rating. The amp offers 5 watts of tube power, which can be dropped down to 1 watt for small room usage, which we’ll talk about a bit later. thanks. The Origin 5 takes the award for the worst 5-watt amp in recent history.

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