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Feature: Shortcodes can now be edited from visual mode. We recommend using BoldGrid themes which provide additional features and are optimized for use with the Post and Page Builder. Alternatively, consider upgrading and using the powerful BoldGrid framework theme (available in Premium subscription) as an excellent time saver for agencies and developers. Bug Fix: Undo/Redo no longer change scroll position. Professional drag&drop website builder PHP script. Bug Fix: BoldGrid DropTab not visible after 4.9.6 update. The software allows you to make look up menus in easy and clear way. Whether you are new to WordPress or consider yourself a pro, BoldGrid solutions will make your WordPress life better. Gives you a powerful set of tools to edit SQL scripts and build SQL statements visually. PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP scripts quickly from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite databases. The article shows how to implement an AJAX-based one-click editor for a logical column. It explains how to add new items to the menu, implement run-time theme selection, and tweak the login form. Bug fix: Fixed issue with non BG themes and Blocks modal. Feature: Default editor styles now applied in post and page builder. Could do with an 'academic' category, or 'education', or just 'people'. Bug fix: Updating section background image URLs. Fix: Issue causing editor selection to switch back to Post and Page Builder after loading WordPress Editor. A complete and powerful database management and development tool for MySQL and MariaDB. Bug fix: Fixed plugin update checks for some scenarios (WP-CLI, Plesk, etc). All you need to do is enter your SSID (this is the name of your Wireless Network) and the matching PSK (this is the Pre-Shared Key, or Password) for this network, when you hit "Submit" the generated config file will download to your computer. New Feature: CSS ID’s can now be specified via customization controls. Optimized update class and addessed CodeSniffer items. New feature: Suggest crop: default selection should be as wide as it could be. Update: Improved support for twentytwenty theme. Bug fix: Prevent duplicate ‘Add Block’ buttons. Preview is also available. Bug Fix: Editor width is set incorrectly if front end of site is inaccessible. Bug Fix: Fix notices thrown when installing Blocks. Bug Fix: Blockquote elements now have the text control available to them. Update: Added neutral colors to section background colors. Create professional quality data-driven web applications for your MySQL databases without any programming. Slightly overwhelmed by choice. You will find a ‘Post and Page Builder’ menu in your WordPress admin panel and find most features within the It's a whole new dimension to content creation that'll help you create your home, contact, about us or any other page where a linear layout won’t convey your message. New feature: Overlays color for background images. New Feature: Column and Row backgrounds are now supported, New Feature: Upgraded typography controls, New Feature: Anchors have individual font control, New Feature: Rows can be added from the section popover, New Feature: Pre tags are now supported for drag and drop, New Feature: Support for Premium Extension. PHPGenerator allows you to save its current settings at its final step as a project. Bug Fix: Block alignment issues saving to front end. Bug fix: Allow users to drag into empty sections. Bug Fix: Warning thrown while listing posts in admin. Update: Fix issue with direction of section popover menu. Bug Fix: Image crop issue with http vs https. New Feature: Control for hiding and showing page titles. Bug fix: Addressing issues with drag and drop in Safari and Microsoft Edge w/ WP 4.5. The Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid is designed to create pages that load fast. The director tells the builder what the pageTitle will be, what the pageHeading will be, and gives multiple lines of text for the page. PHP version 5.4 or greater; WordPress 4.7 or greater; From within WordPress. Blocks utilize a wide variety of content that can be completely customized to fit your needs such as icons, buttons, free and premium images, font packs, and more. The director then has the builder do a final assembly of the parts, and return the page. Bug Fix: Disable margin control on columns. Activate Post and Page Builder from your Plugins page. Good tool efficient for making fast blocks of pages. New version features support of tabbed forms, a variety of new Google charts, new and significantly updated editors, a lot of security-related enhancements including Google ReCAPTCHa, ability to verify an entered password strength and more, totals for calculated columns, a number of GUI improvements, and many other useful things. New feature: Added customization for widths of rows. On-page SEO recommendations for targeted search phrase, Search for ‘Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid’. Bug fix: Fixing an error on attachment page. us, 22 design patterns and 8 principles explained in depth, 406 well-structured, easy to read, jargon-free pages, 228 clear and helpful illustrations and diagrams, An archive with code examples in 4 languages, All devices supported: EPUB/MOBI/PDF formats. Bug fix: Staging colors and buttons will now be enqueued correctly. What is PHP used for? We are NetArt Media - a software company with a passion to create high quality, turnkey website systems and php scripts. Update: Hide popover font control when not applicable. Misc: Updated readme.txt for Tested up to 4.6.1. “With Page Builder, I can build a modern page in minutes; easily drag and drop in fully responsive blocks, graphic assets, products and text. Hooray! Stop dealing with site-breaking shortcodes and theme restricted editors. Bug fix: Fixed issue where change icon does not appear. Update: Minimum PHP/WP Version changed to 5.4 and 4.7 respectfully. New feature: Add Button Primary & Button Secondary to Button Panel. New Feature: Added color palette control. Fix: WP 5.5 – Issue with causing color picker to fail updating after selecting class color, Fix: Compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5. New feature: Added customization of Icons. New feature: Added customization of Fonts. Update: Changing borders to outline for draggable objects. Update: Added premium component options for each component. Add it to your existing website today, or try a BoldGrid theme for your new website. New feature: Added column resizing from first column on the left boundary. Update: Crop Image Screen – update source image options. sort, New feature: Added border color control to boxes. Update: Improving timing of Block loading message. Last updated: 25 Jul 14. New feature: Updating the loading graphic, Misc: Updated readme.txt for Tested up to: 4.4.1. New feature: Track my designs for images as the user makes changes. PHP Generator for MySQL provides you with a set of clear-cut wizard steps, so it really does not require a deep knowledge of MySQL from its users. New feature: Add theme section fonts to font selection. Bug fix: Issue causing parent row to be deleted when removing icon or anchor. Update: Fixing panel issue after first time notice. As of October 2018, PHP is used on 80% of websites whose server-side language is known. Bug fix: Nested columns allowed for parent column backgrounds. Let your web site visitors to forget the "magic numbers" with the page builder and the PHP form builder in PHP Generator for MySQL! Builds full-fledged web database applications in a few mouse clicks. Bug Fix: Some fonts not loaded into block previews. After 3 years of work, we've finally released a new ebook on design patterns! Choose you favorite appearance style from built-in style list or create your own style! Builder Design Pattern in PHP Back to Builder description In the Builder Pattern a director and a builder work together to build an object. Bug Fix: Getting started displayed after switching to text tab. Bug Fix: Fixing issue with popover panel items. compare, Update: Appearance of drag element has been modified. Bug Fix: Advanced Control -> Box shadow switch unclickable. Bug fix: Crop image screen closes immediately. And the massive gap between plain text block and the rather rich blocs. You are going to love just how fast and easily you can create beautiful websites now. New feature: Suggest crop: Center the default selection. The Post and Page Builder is open source software. New feature: Suggest image crop when replacing images of different aspect ratios. New feature: Added customization options for gradients. Add PHP code to a Divi child theme – To solve the above problem, child themes were invented. Bug fix: Adding filter for posts to be excluded from My Blocks. The page builder plugin market is full of big fish like Elementor or Beaver Builder. Bug Fix: Fix display issues when viewing saved blocks on BoldGrid Themes. New Feature: Added first time intro choices. The PHP code generator supports the development of web applications with its messages in many languages, being able to the user to personalize existing languages or to create a new one. Fix: Compatibility with tinymce Advanced. Bug fix: Wrapping content elements not contained, in theme default containers. Bug fix: Fixed issues with color control preselecting. Bug fix: Fixing JS error when gallery plugin is missing. Bug fix: Fixing issue with system fonts displaying in editor dropdowns. A child theme loads the main theme (Divi) and enhances it with the contents of its own files. “Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid – Visual Drag and Drop Editor” is open source software. Additional Features when used with other BoldGrid plugins: Visit our website to learn more about additional BoldGrid plugins to further improve your WordPress experience! Our unique color palette system is built with SASS and allows you to change all the colors on your site. Misc: Updated readme.txt for Tested up to: 4.6. Update: Adding a conversion method from static maps to embed maps. Bug Fix: Used blocks will now include fonts in previews. PHP is a server-side scripting language created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Powerful data export/import tools for MySQL combined with a flexible task scheduler. Update: Suggest crop: Do not trigger on ‘Add Media’. Bug fix: Fixing an issue where swapping images was not working correctly. and partition The builder knows how to assemble the object given specification. New feature: Change button opens ‘Replace Image’ media modal. Upload the entire post-and-page-builder folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Manually. New feature: Added Section dragging & zoomed out view. Bug fix: Fixed issue when installing plugins from the Tools Import page. New Feature: Blocks can now be requested by industry. Rework: Updated require and include statements for standards. ", Generalization, Specialization, and Inheritance, Constructing Diagrams in the Process View, Transforming Data from the IT System to the Message "passenger list", Transformation of UML Messages into Various Standard Formats, Contact About Us. Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility issues on older WordPress Versions. Update: Prioritize Post Blocks when viewing posts.

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