pt100 resistance table

The European standard is considered the world-wide standard for platinum RTDs. Once the wire is wound onto the bobbin, the assembly is then sealed with a coating of molten glass. The larger the element tolerance, the more the sensor will deviate from a generalized curve, and the more variation there will be from sensor to sensor (interchangeability). °C0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10060,26. Unless the coefficients of expansion of the platinum and the bobbin match perfectly, stress will be placed on the wire as the temperature changes, resulting in a strain-induced resistance change. The first-ever resistance thermometer was assembled from insulated copper wire, a battery and a galvanometer in 1860. RTDs - or Resistance Temperature Detectors - are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. The fragility of the structure limits its use today primarily to that of a laboratory standard. �7���"�fj � -v��€'ba�� The classical resistance temperature detector (RTD) construction using platinum was proposed by C.H. Most RTD elements consist of a length of fine coiled wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. There are two resistance tolerances specified in DIN/IEC751: In fact, the Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector, or RTD Pt100, is used today as an interpolation standard from the oxygen point (-182.96°C) to the antimony point (630.74°C). Siemens, soon discovered that a platinum element yielded more accurate readings at a much wider range of temperatures. /Contents 8 0 R >> endobj There are two standards for Pt100 RTDs: the European standard, also known as the DIN or IEC standard, (RTD Temperature vs. Resistance Table) and the American standard (RTD Temperature vs. Resistance Table). g�I����p�JT�l���\���M.NM��b��?� 6�+�dؙ>�1�p�ac�n����rI'��crI�6��ם��>�� L��h��c|\.�\�r �%�r �\�,/�%9Q.����cr�&��K8!�ͼ�q� ���� ;|-���MKg�\��l*h��.oڔ�����D`���� �%0�}�%��&�__��l*h-ɛ6e��A�������Q�m�Û��2�OQ���1���=!�ySA��f޴))�:�F�M�澽 }�l�AlN2��`/Ó⩡�ў��9#���PP~�����\�CY�d L��ىQ`�7Fh��nt!�˥�د���]�$W:�7B)��M*�>5Ui��l�]�%��{gH`O�E8o.2��`��b�Om����T���n���Z�t�]����֏?�[��zL���u����K�-=��ν�u�i��J�߲ם�6B�_Y����.�.a��W��y�Ɋ^����ɉ>��ؐ�9G���ȹ4�v'��ofB\��hI�/U@r�p� A$bP& ��L@��O >> The invention of a resistance thermometer was made possible by the discovery that the conductivity of metals decreases predictably with increases in their temperatures. Read More > How to choose the right sensor technology RTD or Thermocouple? However, its inventor, C.W. This standard, DIN/IEC 60751 (or simply IEC751), requires the RTD to have an electrical resistance of 100.00 O at 0°C and a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of 0.00385 O/O/°C between 0 and 100°C. /XObject << >> 1/3 DIN = ±1/3* (0.3 + 0.005*t)°C or 100.00 ±0.10 O at 0ºC Today’s meters are flexible enough to allow users to set up a broad range of thermistors, and to interchange the probes easily. They have been used for many years to measure temperature in laboratory and industrial processes, and have developed a reputation for accuracy, repeatability, and stability. Meyers RTD Construction Although this construction produces a very stable element, the thermal contact between the platinum and the measured point is quite poor. A more rugged construction technique is a bifilar wound on a glass or ceramic bobbin. Fifty years later, Sir William Siemens proffered the use of platinum as the element in a resistance thermometer. RTDs offer several advantages: Both thermistors and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are types of resistors with resistance values that vary predictably with changes in their temperature.

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