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Our Cornering School is extremely popular, and the Wheelie Course gathers riders from all over the world. Drivers start by first taking a racing school to obtain their racing license, from their entering into lower level racing series. "It's the best racing school I've attended." Phil Denes Takes the Win Over 24 Racers in the Final ABRS Pre-Season Sim Race, DRIVE, DE-BRIEF, REPEAT – OPEN WHEEL RACING SCHOOL IS IN SESSION WITH ALLEN BERG. Based on 250 reviews and ratings based on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo Local. Our premier program that is a combination of our one-day and lapping/advanced programs where you will gain a comprehensive insight into professional race driving. The school will be on Saturday, February 8th, and is headquartered at the Rodeway Inn & Suites Heritage in Ridgecrest CA. No matter the reason, Allen Berg Racing Schools is the place where racing dreams are made, and expectations are met. "You never need to go back to 'square one' with our system," said school founder and former Formula One World Championship driver, Allen Berg. This is a first class experience with amazing people. 1021 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas, CA 93908, USA, (888) 722-3220 Hours For qualified drivers that have participated in our two or three-day or Advanced Lapping programs, ABRS now offers a one-day lapping program utilizing the full data systems installed in our formula racecars, with semi-private coaching immediately following each session. scca licenses – modern equipment – the best instructors in the business. @AllenBergRacing | @Jim_Bowie | #Simracing | #SIM | #Virtualracing, Allen Berg Motorsports USA Inc. In this advanced program you will apply all the skills developed over three days of intensive training that will culminate with your driving wheel to wheel against other racers. Then it’s into the classroom for an in-depth look at the complex theories of chassis dynamics, before using a dynamic skid pad to explore the boundaries of grip, chassis manipulation, and driver sensitivity to feedback and control techniques. Posted: Oct 01, 2020 - 12:52 PM Containing two professionally taught classes called Racing Adventure I and II, the Complete Auto Racing Experience School holds its classes in Los Angeles and lets its students complete up to 100 laps at the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. Fast Lane Driving School Willow Spring Raceway Rosamond, CA 93560 888-948-4888 With its one-on-one instruction and cutting-edge training tools, some of the world’s best drivers have already benefited from this advanced program, which offers a unique opportunity to explore Sonoma Raceway at full racing speeds and downforce levels and allows drivers to perfect the fine details that can make all the difference on race day. Open-lapping sessions will then allow drivers to translate what they’ve learned into faster times on the track, with high-tech data analysis techniques highlighting errors and improving performances even further. As we are an industry leader in formula car racing schools and uitlize the latest technologies at our disposal, we are one of the best options. Allen Berg Racing Schools is temporarily offering personalized, one-to-one online training by its top-level drivers and coaches. For recent graduates of our One, Two and Three-Day Formula Car Programs and experienced formula car drivers, we offer the second and third day of our two and three-day program which allows ABRS drivers to refresh, refine, and apply the special techniques. San Diego, California 92131, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Learn to race at the premier racing center on the west coast. FAST LANE Racing School is one of California's top SCCA Accredited Racing Schools and offers various programs that cater to High Performance Driving, Advanced Road Racing Techniques, and Race Licensure for those seeking the next level of competition. After taking a course at a racing school, can I start my race career up to F1? Copyright © 2010-2018 Danny Mckeever's FAST LANE. Nothing compares to Superbike-Coach. A Formula Car is a great learning tool, what you learn with us will transcent into any other driving platform / discipline. This school has plenty of driving, the flow of instruction and track time was perfect; no wasted time and improvement every lap. There are many options available. *This website is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies. - Jason B, Tampa, FL. Some details of a very effective #eSports partnership activation Safety and proper driving techniques were stressed, but always with the understanding that we were here to enjoy and get the most out of the experience. Even brand new riders finding a place in our Basic Rider course to learn to ride a motorcycle from the scratch. (click to read the full description) BODY POSITIONING CLASS This is the full scoop of it- not just to look good. Please note supplement fees apply for Formula 3 or LMP3 vehicle selction. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. After a brief look back at the techniques learned in the first stage, Stage 2 opens with a deeper exploration of the art of driving a fully-fledged aerodynamic single-seater, with particular emphasis on corner entry, exit speed maximization, and the benefits of balancing aero downforce characteristics appropriately. This program is available as 1on1 or up… [read more], Dean Lonskey’s pictures coming for free at Superbike-Coach classes and track days. 1021 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas, CA 93908, USA, (888) 722-3220 Be the BEST driver you can be - fine-tune your high-performance driving skills, learn safe driving techniques, and gain a further appreciation for vehicle dynamics from the home of the exclusive Ford Performance vehicle owner programs. Aimed at racers and experienced Racing School graduates, this intense, one-day course is designed to optimize the already-proven talents of participants. If you are looking for someone that realizes that riding motorcycles is not just about one’s physical abilities, Coach Can is your answer. What a wonderful day and what a great experience. We provide our graduates with options and introductions to pursue racing upon request, We only operate at the iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Northern California, You are qualified to enter into our advanced / lapping programs, Some details of a very effective #eSports partnership activation Hours For recent graduates of our one, two and three-day Formula Car Programs and experienced formula car drivers, we offer the second and third day of our two and three-day program which allows ABRS drivers to refresh, refine, and apply the special techniques and unique skills acquired during the basic course. Data acquisition is introduced on day 3 allowing the driver to focus on the finer points of his or her performance. Based on 250 reviews and ratings based on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo Local. We assign one coach for every two drivers. I was right on Coach Can’s tail, flat-out Buttonwillow’s Riverside, he turned around with his knee on the ground and pointed out the correct line with his left hand. Official Racing School of Toyota Racing & Home of the Defensive Driving Academy. Racing School Stage 3 (KTM X-Bow, Formula 4, Formula 3 or LMP3), Racing School – SCCA License (KTM X-Bow Competition R), SCCA Full Competition Racing License Course –Three days  ($6,495), Copyright © 2020 Sears Point Racing Experience, Racing School, Stage 2 - KTM - PRIVATE SCHOOL, Racing School, 3-Day SCCA License School - KTM, Video & Data acquisition systems on all cars, Instructors current, professional racecar drivers, Cars maintained by a former F1 crew chief, Courses run by chief and senior instructors only, Safety equipment provided, pro shop on-site, Classes offered year-round, rain or shine. Three track sessions each day, all utilizing data downloads and real-time feedback from instructors via in-car radio communication, will then provide drivers with ample opportunity to hone all the skills they’ve learned. Coach Akkaya on Ducati 1199R, October 2018 (click for video). This goes way beyond to drag knee and gives you the full scoop of Hanging-Off. 100% of Coach’s attention… [read more], Personal track or racer coaching doesn’t have to bring you close to bankruptcy- or to come out short on quality and efficiency. The track walk with Allen Berg each morning was the highlight to 'see' the track from a driver, every detail, every corner. The emphasis in Stage 3, our advanced program, is placed firmly on track time, with high-level driving drills, covering both the complex art of brake release into a corner and high-speed aerodynamic-aided braking, starting each morning off. Mo - Fr: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Was truly a lifelong experience that I will treasure. Whether you are starting a racing career, looking for a new adventure, honing your driving skills or seeking an unforgettable experience for your next corporate event our team of professional coaches and proven curriculum will provide you with everything you need to be able to drive our race cars to the limit. We provide thorough classroom theory, advanced driving techniques and meticulous instruction, which ultimately results in driving our Formula racecars at their limits. Riders are even coming in from overseas, and these classes have quickly booked… [read more], Whether you just got your M1 license or you are an experienced motorcyclist, learn how to avoid accidents, and be a more proficient street rider. The Karting study program allows its students to take the low-riding cars out on the racetrack by themselves to enjoy the adrenaline rush associated with going up to speeds of 85 MPH and higher. EXCEPTIONAL FORMULA RACING SCHOOL PROGRAMS. How much does it cost to go to racing school? Skip Barber is the premiere race car driving school for all racing and driving programs. Complete Auto Racing Experience 1860 S. Sepulveda Blvd. In this advanced program you will apply all the skills developed over three days of intensive training that will culminate with your driving wheel to wheel against other racers. The first day ends with lapping session as participants begin to acclimatize themselves to the vehicle and challenges of Sonoma Raceway. Learn survival skills for riding on roads. Classroom and track sessions are perfectly structured and loaded with knowledge and fun. Day one begins with ground school, where you’ll learn the operations of the KTM X-Bow comp R, and all-important acceleration, threshold braking, and downshifting techniques. This program will give you sort of seat time that it takes to really understand and enjoy the kind of incredible feedback that a real carbon fiber formula car gives its driver. Mo - Fr: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. One of my favorite parts was the morning track walk with Allen. You’ll learn this stunt from professionals in a safe and legal setting. Team O'Neil Rally School. For the budding sports car racing enthusiast as well as for the average person who wants to improve driving skills, registering at a race car driving school is not only fun but can be very educational, too. The arts of passing and race craft will also be practiced during Stage 2, ensuring that by the end of the second day, participants are sufficiently qualified to apply for an SCCA Racing License. For nearly 20 years, FAST LANE Racing School has been the Official Racing School of Toyota Racing! His personal experience, gained in driving and running his team, Scuadra Fortia in the North American Toyota Atlantic Series gave him a thorough understanding of how the business of modern motor racing works. In this one-day school you'll learn and apply all of the fundamentals and skills needed to control a very quick formula racecar. The Track Drill with coach Can Akkaya is affordable and straight forward. 235 Valencia, CA 91355 888-948-4888

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