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Resistance To Change Cause #1: Employee Don’t Understand the Rationale Behind Leaders’ Strategy. friction and ohms. The reason why people resist change in organization. Gaining trust and giving them confidence. The issue, btw, is less about definition than distinction. About Us If you enjoyed this article, please take 5 seconds to share it on your social network. For instance, 40% of top executives like taking risks. Top 40+ questions to ask before embarking on any change, The iceberg that sinks organizational change, Top 20+ organizational change management pitfalls, Employee resistance to organizational change, Killed by a corporate culture of complacency, Organizations rise or fall on their leadership, Culture change is key in digital transformation, The dark side of corporate culture – Death blow to strategy, Change Management might be dead – Let’s go and have a nice funeral, Without a crisis no organizational change, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Fix it anyway. If executives like to leave their comfort zone, they’re going to push for changes that are big and bold. When considering the strategies and techniques for reducing resistance to change, there are six broad areas in which organizations must operate. The sources of resistance to change are discussed in the following paragraphs: For people working in a comfortable environment for quite some time, a change of environment often brings about uncertainty and people no longer know exactly what to expect from the implementation of change. Anyway, I would be appreciate if you could please explain more about the graph “Classic psychological reactions to change” and the relationship between time and self esteem. Physical and mental energy need to be expended and some may not like the same. Sometimes what is being lost, is very clear, e.g., power and control, privileges or benefits, status, identity, and of course many other possible things. Exhibit 9.3 illustrate some of the many sources of resistance to change. Before we start a programme we conduct a series of 1 hour briefings (10 sessions a day with 25 people/ on each) with the people who will be involved in the change programme to ask for their help. Everyone goes quiet; people look around or at each other, and wonder “What was that?” They are alert and prepared to meet the danger. The classic reactions to change show us that it is not an easy task as it involves emotions such as anger, denial, confusion and depression. Some are very common, and many are used to maintain mental health at times throughout one’s lifetime. How often do we see engagement in the form of more one way communications, more spin and more trashing of the past. You might look at the riskiness and think ‘wow, this is really cool; finally some excitement!’ But given what the above data shows, it’s quite likely that your employees don’t view the riskiness quite so favorably. You will be amazed by the results. Sales And Marketing Specialist for Small Business Clients. This may create some resentment that employees may not have any control over their destiny. It seems to me I was exposed to a new one during my last assignment. Uncertainty can be very stressful and makes one’s imagination run wild. Change in my experience is one of those areas that seems simple in theory but tough in practice. This study discovered that 63% of employees who think their organization Always openly shares the challenges facing it will strongly recommend it as a great organization to work for. It’s going to be difficult to overcome resistance to change when employees don’t understand the challenges that precipitated the change. The key in my experience is to change hearts and minds. This is a great and clear explanation of the ‘classical’ challenge of change. Have you ever been on a plane and heard a loud “boom!”? First priority are the must do’s of being transparant, honoust and to emphasize with normal human response. He wrote a remarkable book, “Adaptation to Life” in which he used the term instead of resistance to identify 17 ways in which people’s sub/unconscious protected them from what they believed was existential harm.

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