rti team roles and responsibilities

RTI can be used for making decisions about general, compensatory, and special education, creating a well-integrated and seamless system of instruction and intervention guided by child outcome data. When the district embraces and promotes the use of RTI as the primary method for determining the instructional and behavioral needs of all students—not just those experiencing difficulties learning—implementation proceeds more smoothly and is more likely to be successful. Willing and able to communicate their worth to administrators and policymakers—to "sell" new roles consistent with the provisions of IDEA 2004. 0000003807 00000 n Available: www.nasponline.org. Session 1 Guide 5: RTI Teams, Roles, and Responsibilities Guides are intended to support school teams in their developing understanding and implementation of RTI. RTI may be used as part of a process to identify students with specific learning disabilities rather than relying on the use of a discrepancy model as a means of identification. startxref %%EOF Committee Roles R TI, or Response-to-Intervention, is a process that involves a systematic approach and includes the use of research-based instruction and inter-ventions for struggling learners. <<3521057754A5AB4DA228E2126F0D9544>]>> Implementing and evaluating pilot projects. 108-446, §614(b)(6)(A)]. Serving as liaisons to parents by helping them understand the new model and how it impacts their child, thus, helping to ensure that parent input is integrated into each tier of intervention and subsequent evaluation. A Roles and Responsibilities session over Zoom, using a Google Doc to capture input. This approach depends on a team or commit-tee to monitor student progress, as well as support the ongoing instruction of the students. endobj These roles will require some fundamental changes in the way general education and special education engage in assessment and intervention activities. %PDF-1.5 Real questions from parents and educators, answered by experts. 0000025216 00000 n Responsiveness to intervention: An alternative approach to the identification of learning disabilities. The research evidence that supports the positive impact of RTI on student performance, particularly in reducing disproportionality (overrepresentation) and improving the academic and behavioral performance of students. Because these decisions are critical to the implementation of RTI, the participation and support of the building administration is necessary to ensure successful implementation. <> Superintendent or representative 2. It is very difficult for a building principal to support implementation of this initiative if support is not apparent at the district level.

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